Agadir Ranch allows you to enjoy all the beautiful natural sites that surround them including the spectacular Paradise Valley. They offer customized programs.

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Alice Man

from Great Britain, July 2024

"Wonderful Moroccan horse riding experience"

We were welcomed by Floran and Noura on the first night and got to meet the other guests taking part in our week, everyone was lovely and this really made the trip special. Staff are all chatty, easy going and you feel relaxed asking for whatever you need.

The horse riding on the beach was stunning, as a beginner, I was expecting some sort of lesson, but you have to ask questions, Annas was absolutely brilliant and I always felt safe with him. On day 3 we were galloping on the beach, I would say some prior experience on a horse is handy and a basic level of fitness as you are on the horses for an hour a day at least. Other parts of the day consisted of stretching, day trips to nearby activities and a traditional massage and hammam on the final day. The week ended with a local band performing at the riad, they really try to make the experience fun and entertaining! The food is made fresh and there is a lot of it! I would say if you want structured lessons and firm daily itinerary, this isn't the place for you, go in with an open mind, relax in to the Moroccan timing of things and go with the flow!

Hannah Forbes

from Great Britain, July 2024

"Our instructor was actually called Anas - he was excellent!"

I have never horse ridden before - don’t expect proper lessons; you get on and hope for the best. However, I found this exhilarating and the horses are, on the whole, very well behaved. By day three I was galloping. The scenery is gorgeous, it was and extraordinarily wholesome adventure. We had many excursions including a day in the mountains (bring extra cash - you have to pay for any additional drinks and tips are a BIG thing in Morocco). We went to an Ostrich and Gazelle farm which was random but different to my normal Wednesday afternoon. A hammam at the end of the week to scrub you clean and relax with a massage (you are completely nude with your fellow travellers) and a traditional Moroccan band to finish on the Friday evening. It was a full on but so so so much fun! I LOVED it. Plenty of food but again if you have any dietary requirements, you’re not really catered for; I’m vegetarian and had to fish out any vegetables involved in various meat Tagines. Food was delicious and there was an abundance of it. There is only water, tea and coffee provided. There is a small shop about a 5-10 min walk away so if you want something else bring Dirhams.

Annie Voss-bark

from Great Britain, July 2024

"I was clear on my r or rations and"

I had great fun fast gallops with Annas which was what I was hoping for . Unfortunately my partner did not get what we expected as he was a beginner and only explained when we were on the programme that his needs could not be met,

Lera Zhadeeva

from United States, June 2024

"Come open-minded and you'll have the most amazing experience"

The hosts, Floran and Noura, are very kind and open, trying to create a family like environment at their Riad. Every single person there is very hard working and a pleasure to get to know. They try very hard to give their guests the very best experience they can and it shows.

I had a wonderful week at the riad, doing daily stretches, riding horses and many other activities that they arrange for you. They make sure to feed you lots of great food and are always asking for your feedback on your experiences. During my stay I've got to meet so many wonderful people and even learn a little bit of French and Arabic. I really got immersed into a wonderful experience and enjoyed my stay thoroughly. Horses are beautiful and well taken care of and everyone is very accommodating.

My only recommendation is to arrive open minded and flexible, this way you can really experience their culture and different way of doing things but don't be afraid to speak up, they really do care what you have to say.

Just to note, they are listed as beginner friendly, but after riding several of their horses I would say they have very few true beginner horses. This is most likely to them being stallions. To get most out of this trip, I would recommend having some riding experience prior, especially if you want to do lots of galloping.

I already recommended this trip to others and hope to come back once I get more experience to do the longer trek.

Birgit Grieß

from Austria, June 2024

Noura, Floran und ihr Team waren sehr zuvorkommend, freundlich und hilfsbereit... ich habe spontan vor Ort umgebucht und statt dem Yoga- Reit Retreat an einem 5 tägigen Wanderritt teilgenommen..... ein einmaliges Erlebnis! Von Noura perfekt geführt und dank ihrer wunderbaren Pferde unvergesslich! Trittsicher, ausdauernd und motiviert.... ganz egal ob in den Bergen... am Strand oder in den Dünen... und lustig zu reiten.... Das Riad ist sehr geschmackvoll und gemütlich eingerichtet... einfach zum Wohlfühlen😀 jede einzelne Mahlzeit war ein Genuß.... kurz gesagt: der perfekte Urlaub für ein "Pferdemädchen" wie mich😊

Larissa Roberts

from United States, May 2024

"The Ultimate Wild Adventure"

If you are an adventurous spirit, you are going to fall in love when you arrive at the ranch!

p.s. The Tajine is way too good, and they just never stop feeding you lol

It’s hard to put into words, what my experience was like. I was challenged, delighted, well fed, and surprised each day. Everyone at the ranch is unique and special, and the Riyadh’s too. I’m leaving this experience with 10 new phone numbers in my WhatsApp. New friends 💖.

Youness was an amazing guide. He is as spirited and alive as the amazing Berber Arabian horses, He looked out for me and made sure I was always safe and having an amazing time. The gallops we did were the most incredible… Through mountains and deserts and beaches and forests and villages in between.

Noura & Floran are incredible. They were kind and big hearted people who checked in daily to make sure I was happy.

Ibrahim who assists at the ranch is a special soul who welcomed me with warmth and deep and hilarious conversations.

Mehdi was a total sweetheart who made me feel right at home with all the tea and pillows I could ever need :)

The taxi driver, Mohammed spoke very little English, but had the most amazing spirit about him, and we laughed often & rocked out to Moroccan music together.

This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It changed me and grew me an opened my heart. If you’re considering it…. Yalla! 🐎✨🥹♥️🦋

Clare Fitzgerald

from Ecuador, May 2024

I liked the small group. I liked the weather and views around the sea. When the horses behaved, I liked cantering on the beach. I really liked the place we stayed the second night. I liked a lot of the food. I liked the extra activities (visiting an herb garden and a hamman).

Lauren Davison

from Great Britain, May 2024

"Unforgettable Experience "

A fantastic way to explore the country, every day was different. Different scenery, different places to see, eat and sleep. It was wonderful. It is a lot of riding in the sun, so be prepared to be tired! Thankfully they're all very accommodating, so when some people needed to take a break from riding, it was not a problem to arrange alternatives for them. I went as a solo female traveller and never felt unsafe. The accommodations are simple but more than comfortable and the food was always fresh and warm - exactly what is needed after a full day in the saddle. The horses are all lovely with their own personalities and quirks of course. However, they are all stallions with their specific friendships and enemies, so some distances need to be respected! Spending ~2-3days at a time with only two small saddle packs, leaving our luggage behind, was actually quite fun to have the full, simple life, stripped-back, camping bare essentials journey. Fresh socks top priority! I would definitely do it again.

Michelle Coombs

from Canada, May 2024

"Wonderful holiday"

I was not sure what to expect of this holiday -it was the first time that I had tried a horse-back riding holiday, a holiday with a group and also the first time to Morocco. It turned out wonderfully. The hosts (especially Brahim!) were wonderful and it was a great adventure. The accommodations were simple but comfortable and the food was tremendous. It was great to ride with a small group and awesome to see the various terrain. Everyone was very flexible and able to accommodate changes as needed. I was able to also ride a camel and take a surfing lesson near by. Overall we were well taken care of and the hosts went above and beyond to ensure we were well taken care of.

Julie Boumbar

from France, April 2024

Les ballades à cheval sont sublimes

La gentillesse et l’accueil du personnel

Merci à Noura pour son accueil chaleureux

Fulton Family

from United States, March 2024

"Beyond fabulous holiday"

If you love to ride and become acquainted with new cultures this is the place for you. Ride a Berber Arabian across the sand and beaches, galloping like you have never galloped before. Rides are generally 4-6 hours. If you don’t have the stamina, you can do the beginners path and ride closer to the Riad, and maybe do a little yoga. The people running the vacation are about the nicest you will ever meet, and the food is fantastic. Do note that if you go on the intermediate/advanced ride you will spend the night in different location - all are wonderful. I feel like I really experienced Morocco and what it’s like to live in this rugged land (I’m from the US-Chicago). I really can’t say enough good things. They will help you with anything, just ask. Crepes and other dishes every morning for breakfast, tanjines and other Moroccan delicacies for lunch and dinner. It is an exceptional value for the money spent. I went with some friends and made new ones there. One of my best holidays ever, was sad to leave.

I loved everything. I suggest that if you have a question ask, don’t assume. While they do speak English, French and Arabic are the most used, so it may take a minute to make sure you are all on the same page. Everyone there wants you to have a great time and I found them to be very accommodating, really going above and beyond to make sure you are happy

Ruth Claus

from Dominican Republic, March 2024

"Fabulous Riding Experience! "

Warm, wonderful hosts! 😁 Noura, Floran, Briahim and the whole team went out of their way to ensure everyone was happy. Beautiful horses, well trained, athletic and responsive.🐴English tack 👍 Amazing scenery! Mountains, desert, beaches…all incredible! ⛰️And the food…wow! Every meal was delicious. The accommodations were always clean and comfortable. Also, I always felt safe and as a woman traveling alone, that was important. I met some riders from other countries and we all became good friends. The a Hammam spa was a delight! What an overall fabulous experience! Highly recommend! Sunsets you will never forget.👏


from Switzerland, March 2024

"Tough but very nice experience! "

I have spent a lot of time on the horses (it was at least 5/6 hours everyday and 20-35km, with a lot of galloping and trotting). It was quite tough on the body: everything hurt after the first day already.

The food was amazing (quantity and quality). Ibrahim was very friendly and made the whole thing very nice! Youness was also an attentive guide and a very nice person to spend time with! He also explained some things about the Berber life and we shared some good moments. He adapted to me when I was needing a break.

The landscapes are really nice!

They could adapt the programme considering I was very tired after the first days and I could have a break and switch things around.

Laura Marcoux

from Canada, March 2024

"An incredible riding experience."

I have wanted to go on a horseback riding holiday for a long time and was so glad that I did, even if it meant travelling solo. I was greeted at the airport and was taken care of immediately. I met 3 other amazing women and we hit it off right from the start which made the holiday even more enjoyable. Our guides, Noura and Youness were relaxed and laid back once they got to know us and our riding abilities. The food which was typical Moroccan cuisine, was amazing. We never knew what we were going to eat but it was always fresh and very tasty. Eating breakfast outside with an ocean view was a treat. The rides were varied, the ones on the beach being my favourites, a real dream come true for me.

Rat I

from Germany, March 2024

"Fantastic vacation"

I liked the program incredibly much. Noura, Floran and the whole team put a lot of passion and love into the program and warmly welcomed me into their family.

Ride: The horseback riding trips lasted between 1.5 and 3 hours and were very varied (sea, dunes, mountains). Youness is an excellent rider and guide who also gave me lots of good tips. The allocation of horses was perfectly tailored to my riding level. I had the opportunity to ride different horses. The horses are very well trained and super sweet and balanced (no fear of dogs, motorcycles, cars, etc.). I was also allowed to clean and shower the horses.

Yoga: The yoga classes took place mostly on the terasse, once in the Paradise Valley and once on the beach. The content was very varied and always adapted to my level. AD is a great yoga teacher with lots of experience in Hatha, Flow, Acro and Pranayama. She creates a super nice atmosphere, especially with her cheerful and warm nature.

Excursions went to: Paradise Valley, Souss Massa National Park, Agadir-Souk and Hammam. So, I could learn about the country and the culture. Mostly, I was driven by Mohammed, who is incredibly nice and funny. We turned on Arabic or Berber music and talked in French and with our hands and feet. We both had a lot of fun with him teaching me a few words of Arabic.

Accommodation: I stayed in the Riads Ocean View and Sahara Sunset. Both riads have a very enchanting charm. I also had the chance to look at different rooms at Riad Sahra Sunset.

Megan Jenkins

from Great Britain, February 2024

"A special riding holiday with many beautiful highlights"

This was a very special holiday for me, a Moroccan adventure on horseback, an opportunity to see some wild & varied landscapes, enjoy local culture & sample delicious Moroccan cuisine every day.

I was lucky to be in a group with 3 other wonderful ladies & we enjoyed each others company very much, riding together, sharing meals together & becoming holiday buddies and travel companions.

Our guides, Noura & Youness, were brilliant, & when they took the time to chat & relax with the group we all felt more comfortable & had more fun together. But on a couple of the days it felt like we just got on the horses & followed behind the guide with little interaction, conversation or understanding of what the plan for the day was (despite 2 of us in the group speaking fluent French).

The riding, for the most part, was excellent. It was actually a dream come true for me to spend 6 days in the saddle, hacking across wild territories, galloping on the beach and cantering along river valleys. The riding got better towards the end of the week, perhaps as the guides had more confidence in our abilities & allowed us a little more freedom with our horses, more beach gallops etc. The ride at sunset was stunning & getting caught in a sandstorm added an element of adventure like no other! The trek over the mountains was spectacular, but I was disappointed that it was not the 'Paradise Valley' I had imagined from the pictures I saw online - no opportunities for swimming in wild pools.


from Great Britain, February 2024

"Amazing holiday!"

Great horses and the trails were amazing, beautiful views!

Michal Piskorski

from Germany, January 2024

"The perfect way to experience Moroccan nature and cuisine"

This trip offers you wonderful and diverse views (desert, ocean, river valley, mountains). Each day is different allowing you to see how real people live in Morocco. Food is very tasty (especially the one prepared in the riad).

All the staff is very friendly and helpful. Noura perfectly knows the routes and places wort seeing. Horses are in good condition and reliable. You don't need to worry as there are different ones that will be perfectly chosen to meet your needs and riding experience.

Sabrina Rocco

from Italy, December 2023

"Cheval Agadir ranch: a dream place "

Great horse riding experience I have just had the most amazing 8 days with Noura and Floran, enjoying their horse riding and yoga programme. you will not find more generous, helpful and genuinely caring hosts than Noura (Wonder Woman) and Floran. My programme was a combination of rides of various lengths with the smiling Ali. He is so nice that will make every horseback riding so amazing. Then daily yoga lessons with the best teacher you can have, AD. She is so joyful that will hit you with her energy and laughter. Excursions to places and activities of interest – including a visit to a Hamman for a body scrub and massage and a trip to the vast and fascinating paradise valley and the secret pools. The experience of riding into the desert and on the long Beach at sunset is breathtaking. A special mention to my sweet Madam who will serve you delicious foods and will really spoil you❤️

A great thanks to my new fantastic friend Audrey that makes my staying even more amazing!

Thank you again to all of you and see you again

Jane Chatot

from United States, December 2023

"Spectacular Experience "

This entire experience exceeded my expectations. The owners, chef, instructors, facility, vibe and location are wonderful.

I loved the ranch, it felt like a magical place, I’m very happy I made the trip.

The owners are very interesting to talk with, personable and accommodating. They clearly work hard to give the best experience possible, what they have put together is exceptional.

The food was so good!!!!! It is all made from scratch at the house and is absolutely delicious, as well as healthy.

The horses were well taken care of and sound, no spooks which is nice to help enjoy the rides more.

I loved the ranch itself. Pristine, beautiful and well situated with a expansive view of the ocean.

Anna R.

from Czechia, December 2023

"Amazing riding, friendly people, unusual places"

I went to Agadir alone without knowing what to expect. But everything was perfectly organized, I always knew who would pick me up and what would happen. Everyone from the team, who participated in the organization of the stay, was very kind and friendly to me. The riding itself (as for a girl from Europe) was a unique experience and it was really interesting to get to know this piece of Morocco from the saddle. The program is designed so that every day is different, but nice people and great food accompanied me throughout my stay :-)

Gary Fabri

from United States, December 2023

"Great for experienced rider,interesting and active"

Value for the money

Ella Lucas

from Great Britain, November 2023

"Great riding, lack of organisation/communication "

The riding was fantastic especially along the beaches. You can tell the horses are well looked after and trained which definitely added to the experience.

Ziba Sadigh Azadi

from Netherlands, November 2023

"Incredible unforgettable experience "

This trip was one of the most beautiful experiences i have had. From the moment we were welcomed into the house untill the moment we left it felt like we were taken care of as family. The programme is beautiful you get to see some parts of Morocco that i would have never found myself. The horses are well taken care of and lovely to ride. The tracks that they picked out for us were beautiful and you get to have enough rest in between to have a nice local lunch on the way and end your day with dinner at the location you are sleeping at. Aside from the horse back rinding being amazing, you can see that the people that hosted us see this as more than just a business, they genuinely care about you. Aside from that found them to be very flexible and they always try to give you the best experience. I will definitely come back whenever i can and i hope many people can have an as nice and wonderful stay as i got to have.

Katja Faustein

from Germany, November 2023

"Perfect holiday with wonderful horses in stunning landscape"

The trip was amazing. We stayed in beautiful local riads with excellent moroccan food. The horses are well trained and easy to handle but fast and forward going. I was travelling alone and felt safe and comfortable the whole time. Noura is a great and experienced guide who cares about her horses and her guests. The landscape was amazing. The trip offers a lot of varieties. From the mountains to agriculture landscapes and forests up to the endless and lonely beaches of the atlantic. On the last day they invited me to a hammam where I got relaxing bathes, peelings and massage so that I came home totally relaxed and happy.

Julia Gajdos

from Germany, September 2023

"Best 8-dwy horse riding holiday I could imagine"

I recently went on the 8-day horse riding tour in Morocco with Noura, and it was absolutely amazing. From start to finish, this experience exceeded my expectations. It was a very well organised tour, as a solo female traveler I felt safe and well taken care of throughout the whole week.

Noura and Florian as well as their whole team were super friendly and welcoming.

The horses were outstanding as well. They were well-trained, healthy, and made the journey enjoyable. The diversity of landscapes we encountered, including the beach, desert, mountains and eucalyptus forest, made this trip a unique and magical experience.

One of the highlights of the tour was the authenticity of this journey. From the people we met along the way to the delicious food we enjoyed, it truly captured the essence of Morocco.

My favorite memory was galloping on the beach. It's a sensation like no other, simply exhilarating.

At the end of the tour, the Hammam massage and Henna tattoo were delightful treats. It was a perfect way to relax and immerse myself in Moroccan culture after a week on horseback.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this horse riding tour to anyone seeking an authentic and adventurous experience in Morocco. It's an incredible journey that combines great horses, great food, great people, and breathtaking landscapes, making it a memory I'll cherish forever.

Emma Knight

from Great Britain, July 2023

"Horse riding holiday"

We had the most amazing time, the food was excellent and the people were incredibly friendly. Everything was thought of and we didn’t have to worry about anything throughout the entire holiday. Noura was an amazing guide, and we really enjoyed getting a chance to see Moroccan culture. The horses were incredible, so forward and responsive and really well cared for.

Sara Vt

from Spain, July 2023

"Amazing overall experience"

The trip is amazing and an excelent experience at an unbeateable price.

I travelled alone and there weren't any people who booked the trip besides me, so i did the whole trip on my own with Noura.

I had an great time, great horses, amazing landscapes and i also had the chance to relax by the pool or at the beach after riding several days.

I recommend knowing how to canter safely to take this trip in order to enjoy it fully. There's a lot of chances to go for a run.

I would totally recommend taking this trip and i hope i can go back in the future.

Theresa Andreou

from United States, June 2023

"Simply the best horse trek and taste of Morocco!"

Noura was the best guide you could ask for. She was calm, funny, kind, and knew the horses and landscape perfectly. We felt so safe touring with her as our leader! She is well-known in Morocco, so you get to meet many amazing locals along the way and share tea, meals, and stories with them in between riding. I am a foodie and let me tell you the food was delicious and always home-cooked Moroccan fare (better than the food I had at expensive restaurants in Marrakech). We got to try every single traditional dish, thanks to Noura’s careful planning and expertise! I feel like I have a better understanding of Morocco and feel like I have friends to come back and visit because Noura makes sure you feel at home throughout the experience. The horses were beautiful Arabian Berber mixed stallions. They were powerful, well-behaved, and well taken care of (and I’ve done many horse treks in Spain, Canada, and Mongolia). I don’t think there is a better way to see the Atlas Mountains and southern coast of Morocco. From the dunes to the wild beaches to the mountains, the landscape was breath-taking and unforgettable. This was one of my best vacations of all time and now I’m just trying to figure when I can visit Noura and Florian at Agadir Ranch next!

Caroline Curtiss

from Great Britain, May 2023

"Agadir Riding Holiday Review"

It was great to communicate directly with Noura & Florián. When Ryan Air rescheduled our flight from Saturday to Sunday, it was no problem to them to re organise the week for us.

We were met as promised at the airport.

We were treated like guests rather than clients. Omar was like a personal guide. He was likeable and I felt like I was amongst friends.

The chef was always busy and never looked stressed. The food was great and there was plenty of it. Also the fresh fish from the fish restaurant on the beach was amazing.

The horseback riding was amazing. A unique experience. My riding is much improved and every day out was an exhilarating adventure.

The other activities that were organised for us where also good. Omar took us to the nearby campsite to lie by the pool and that was great. People there friendly, the food and service good. Nice pool to lie beside.

Our trip to the game reserve was great and once again I felt like I was a traveller amongst friends.

I also loved being so close to the beach and swim in the sea.

I loved getting up and doing yoga on the rooftop every morning. The yoga instructor was brilliant - My yoga is improved thanks to her teaching.

Sue Fortune

from Great Britain, May 2023

"The good and the bad"

Noura was very helpful, she tried to find solutions as issues arose and there were many. The host were we stayed were warm, welcoming and kind. The country is beautiful, although some popular coastal areas aren't cared for as one might expect with litter everywhere.

Samantha Boer

from Netherlands, May 2023

"Heerlijk! "

Bedankt Noura en Floran voor jullie gastvrijheid! Het was heerlijk! Uitzicht en de kamer waren fantastisch.

Het eten was fantastisch! Omar en Mohammed weten wat ze doen. Heerlijk!

&Jibba is een schat van een paard! Ik had graag gebleven, ik kom zeker nog eens terug.


Janet Fukae

from United States, April 2023

"Horse vacation of a lifetime"

I booked this trip after reading all the reviews, so my expectations were already very high. Still, I was blown away by the scenery, and the trust and respect that the guide had in our horsemanship abilities. We walked, of course, but also trotted, cantered and full-out galloped along some of the most amazing and varied landscapes imaginable. On my trip, we had 3 days point to point where everything we needed had to fit in saddlebags, so pack light. It's Morocco, so you need to go with the flow and take each day as the amazing day it is. You won't be disappointed. Also, don't forget your sunscreen and use it everywhere. A sunburn on day 1 is no joke. :-)

Katharina B.

from France, April 2023

"Unique experience "

I really enjoyed this holiday and I am so happy that I found it. The horses were extremely well behaved and very comfortable to ride. The landscapes and the nature were amazing and there were a lot of additional activities, like going to the hammam and the souk. We stayed in the beginning of the stay in a little fisher village and also stayed one night in a local house which really was a unique experience. All in all, an amazing trip, thanks to the whole team!

Indrė Kaniavaitė

from Lithuania, April 2023

"Wonderful experience"

Noura and Floran are very kind and welcoming people, I was traveling solo (female) and I felt safe and completely taken care of. The riad in Tifnit is an amazing place with beautiful ocean views right by your window and excellent food and activities. I had morning yoga sessions with Shayenne which were great, horseback riding with Muhammed in the beaches and dunes and two full day riding trips with Noura. The full day trips were challenging as I am not an experienced rider, but it was a wonderful adventure with breathtaking views!

Constance Byé

from Great Britain, March 2023

"Incredible 7 day horseback trip across Agadir region"

Noura and Floran are lovely hosts, very welcoming. The trip was unforgettable and authentic, very well planed. I ate very well and slept comfortably during the whole trip!

Bethan Rowe

from Great Britain, February 2023

"Great Foundation Week for Beginner "

This holiday was the perfect introduction to yoga and Morocco.

I started my instruction in horse riding with Karim (4 days) and Nora (1 day).

Karim taught me the foundations of horse riding. I felt very comfortable on Atlas (my horse) and quickly gained confidence.

By the time I went riding with Nora on day 4, I was galloping! Karim and Nora were excellent instructors.

I also booked yoga which took place before breakfast close to the beach. My yoga instructor Sheyanne was patient and experienced in her practice.

The staff at the Raid were warm and very efficient. Typical Moroccan food was really delicious.

We had opportunities to visit Morocoan places including Paradise Valley, Nature Reserve (which has Axel and Ostriches) and the Souk.

But the horse riding was top for me.


from Great Britain, February 2023

"Morocco trip"

We took a day or so to get used to being in a completely different environment, but once we had got our head around that, we loved it. The beaches were fantastic and the horse riding and yoga was good. There was never a dull moment. I'm not a horse rider, but Florin was keen to keep me occupied with other adventures.

Holidays are as much about people as places and the people we meet on holiday were an absolute delight and made our holiday extra special.

Lena Schult

from Sweden, February 2023

"Absolute must-do experience - 100% recommended!"

I loved this adventure from start to finish. Noura and Floran are truly lovely and welcoming people. Their ranch is beautiful and you can tell how much effort they put into it all. The program (8 day riding program) is very thought through and shows Morocco from a very authentic and natural side. Every day is different from the other and offers varied landscapes from beach over sand dunes, and forests to mountains. It even includes a traditional hammam, massage and souk visit in Agadir. I didn’t know at all what I should expect beforehand but I can tell you to just lay back, all is very well organized and every day a new highlight. The people you meet along the way are so unbelievably kind and welcoming. The horses are in excellent shape, very well taken care of, calm and powerful and beautiful. I did this trip on my own and always felt very safe. If your are hesitant - just go ahead and book and you will not regret it!

Aleksandra Radesic

from Germany, January 2023

"Unforgettable experience! 🐎"

I booked one week of hiking and one week of yoga and riding in the hotel. Both was excellent! Unforgettable, safe and excellent value for your money.

Noura and Floran are just great, very hospitable, the most interesting company and excellent horse(wo)men.

The best part were the horses - unbelievably tough and also very pretty. Most of them Arab-Berb. All stallions. Very friendly, well trained and in excellent condition. Most German horses would be lasagna after only day hiking. But the horses of Noura and Floran were happy to have a little race with each other in the desert on day 4… They are also extremely sure-footed (we did some impressive climbing both in the mountains and in the dunes) and generally easy to ride. They hardly spook. Barking dogs, surfboards, parasols, quads - not even the smallest reaction. I wish the horses I ride at home were half as reliable.

I was really concerned about the standard of animal welfare and was very happy with what I found. Hooves + teeth great and coat shiny. Fed properly. The foot tether they use during the hikes was strange at first, but the horses don’t mind it. At the ranch they have nice boxes with super clean wood shavings. Noura has a really nice riding stile (not like the most guides in Morocco). The bits are snaffle bits 👍🏻.

The food was excellent. I’m a vegetarian and it wasn’t a problem at all. All very healthy. My personal highlight was Latifas Beach House. Close second was Nouras Couscous.

Simone Goodman

from Great Britain, December 2022

"Experience of a lifetime!"

The best bits

- the riding, on the beach, up the mountains, across the desert

- Atlas, my perfect horse for the week, Noura knows exactly how to match rider and steed and as the most inexperienced of the group (I've been having weekly lessons in London for about 6 months) I really pushed myself to do lots of cantering, at some points taking the lead with Atlas, and actually enjoying myself .... called it a win that I didn't fall off over the week and my riding was accelerated for the experience of being with a group of highly skilled riders

- the company, everyone associated with the stables (Florin, Noura, Ouma, Madi) and my weekly group (I travelled on my own and made new friends with 3 other wonderful women ... we were each there with our own little mission in addition to the riding, and it was a truly magical experience .... thank you for the riding, love and memories, Charlotte, Natalie and Isabel)

- yoga with Olya ... a fabulous morning stretch after hours in the saddle

- the FOOD. I don't eat meat, dairy or gluten and am also VERY fussy. I'll admit, I was very nervous ....but the meals at the ranch were incredible ... delicious and nutritious (there were only a couple of meals at the hotel I struggled with ... if you're fussy, best to pack plenty of snacks and all will be well). I didn't once get a dodgy tummy. In fact, now I'm back in London, I'm missing the yummy communal meals at the ranch.

The weather was perfect for riding, sunny but not sweltering.

Chantal Marcotte

from Canada, November 2022

"Le Maroc authentique à cheval"

Un voyage avec de bons chevaux qui te permet de vivre une expérience unique avec les marocains.

Mara Meagher

from United States, November 2022

"Nourishment for the soul. "

Food, local vibes , wonderful experience! If you are looking for a luxurious vacation this is not it. If you’re looking for a unique, local look into the southern coast of Morocco look no further! Allow yourself to be totally cared for by these wonder people.

Jessica Marenghi

from Great Britain, October 2022

I enjoyed the variation this riding holiday gave. If you're looking for various terrains to ride along (beaches, sand dunes, mountains) on beautiful horses, then this is what you will get for sure! Plenty of opportunities to gallop which was lovely. The opportunities to eat at the Ranch were the nicest as it provided a warm atmosphere, almost family like where jokes and music were shared also not forgetting Noura's cooking which is healthy, wholesome and plentiful!

We were given a lovely guide Rokaya, to take us around various places when not horse riding who was knowledgeable, fun and a beautiful spirit all round.


from Italy, October 2022

"Bella esperienza. Amazing experience"

La settimana è strutturata sul cliente e lo staff è davvero eccellente; anche per richieste extra in linea con l'organizzazione sono disponibili (es. ho richiesto un giorno off durante la settimana ed ho potuto fare un ottimo hammam, una bella lezione di surf e una gita a taghazout) ovviamente il tutto deve essere prerichiesto e valutato con gli altri eventuali clienti. I cavalli molto ben curati ed educati. Gli alloggi idonei per il relax di fine giornata. Grazie a Noura e Floran e tutto lo staff

Julia Kuehn

from Germany, May 2022

"Immersive riding holiday in Morocco "

At first I was a bit hesitant to book a riding holiday in morocco as a single travelling female, but I was not disappointed! From the very beginning noura and Floran made me feel very welcome and safe.

They have a small stable which is designed with great love for details and care very well for their horses. It is different from Europe, but I found no fault with how the animals were treated.

I took a 6 day vacation and while I was alone they were very flexible with the options and did everything to make the trip unforgettable for me. I stayed at the mountains for two days, had a one day break in agadir (went to the spectacular souk with their guide Mohamed, who is awesome!) and took a three day ride through the national park and Sahara desert. The accommodations on the way ranged from hotel with oasis, a camping ground with a Berber tent to a night with the locals, who were so open and friendly. It is a truly immersive trip where you learn much about the country and it’s people, all while enjoying great scenery and lovely horses.

I will definitely return ♥️

Anita James

from Great Britain, May 2022

"Magical Moroccan riding experience"

I have just had the most amazing week enjoying a 6-day horse riding and yoga programme. Before I say anything about the activities, please let me first tell you that you will not find more generous, helpful and genuinely caring hosts than Noura and Floran.

My week was a combination of rides of various lengths, daily yoga lessons and excursions to places and activities of interest – including a visit to a Hamman and a trip to the vast and fascinating souk in Agadir.

But it is the horses and the riding that I was there for, and the experience of riding on the vast local Banana Beach at sunset is breathtaking. Couple this with a full day of riding into the desert, where you get to experience the true wilderness of Morocco, and you get an idea of the variety of this programme.

Ranch Acienda is a delight in itself. Constructed of all things natural, traditional and beautiful, the stables sit just feet from the table where you get to share in Noura’s cuisine. As you enjoy tagines full of goodness and flavour, surrounded by pots of flowers and Moroccan cushions and drapes, you hear the horses chomp though their feed, whinnying contentedly. Magical.

I arrived at the ranch too much of a novice to take part in the other programme available – a 5 or 6 day, point-to-point trek through mountains and desert. But I have come home determined to get the instruction I need to make that trip possible. I will be going back.

Fleur Stevens

from Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, April 2022

"Wonderful! "

Everything was amazing, the horses were well-trained had endurance and were responsive. Noura was a great guide, she made sure we had a good time and checked frequently if everything was okay for us. We had 3 persons out of 4 with a vegetarien diet, which was catered for perfectly. And the food was super tasty and plenty! Everywhere we went we first got Moroccan tea, and the hosts of the places we slept were very welcoming. Also the scenery with mountains, beaches and desert was breathtaking. Would highly recommend! Do take into account you sometimes have to take your overnight clothes and toiletry in your saddlebags. It is nice to have a spare plastic bag or something for that.

Boaz Kaplan

from Israel, March 2022

"Excellent experience"

Noura is a unique person so as her husband Flouran. Great horse riding. Great vacation. Highly recommended!

Mohanned Ahmad

from Qatar, May 2021

"A lifetime experience "

Where do I start, it was a wonderful experience I'm still living it two weeks after and I'm sure it'll be a story to tell to friends, family and grand kids. Noura and Floran are lovely people they took me in as family we shared stories, life experiences and many laughs, I'm sure we've become lifelong friends. The tracks were really an experience, mountains, desert, sand dunes, sea shore, bush terrain and farms. Experiencing the real morocco and mixing with the locals and their way of life. The horse chosen for me suited my character and personality so we had a good chemistry in looking after each other. Noura is an excellent cook every time she comes up with an exotic dish that rivals the Michelin standard, I'm sure I added few kilos, but it was worth it.

I'm sure I'll be going back with friends and family, it's a real joy to spend time with Noura and Floran sharing a wonderful meal overlooked by curios horses surrounded by Skuba the dog and Jacob the cat in an authentic moroccan set up under the stars.

Claire Dawson

from Great Britain, March 2020

"The most enjoyable adventure ever "

As soon as I saw the listing for this trip, having done much research, I knew it was the one for me and I wasn’t disappointed. It is a real adventure, taking in some wonderful locations, riding through very varied terrains and meeting some lovely people. The horses are beautifully trained, responsive and willing and immaculately cared for. And they also clearly enjoyed it as much as we did – particularly the gallops along the surf on the Atlantic –a dream fulfilled for me. Florian, Noura and Brahim were great hosts and a lot of fun – we had some very entertaining evenings together – if you go, be sure to ask Brahim about his jacket! Staying in Brahim’s home village in his sister’s house was a particularly wonderful welcome into a Morrocan home, but in fact every accommodation or lunch venue, Berber camp or village family, had its unique charm. Noura is a force of nature, excellent cook and no problem defeats her (as Floran neatly summed it up ‘In Morocco there is ALWAYS a solution!). I will surely be returning with friends and family as soon as this is possible again. Thank you for the best possible introduction to a wonderful country.

Aneta Ogurcakova

from Great Britain, March 2020

"The best time of my life"

This was an amazing experience. To mention first, I am not an experienced rider. I would say I know the basics of riding but never really rode on my own more than just trotting. So I brought this to Noura if they thought I could come, because I was a little worried how I could handle a full week of riding, and they reassured me that they’d give me an adequate horse. I AM SO HAPPY I WENT!

It was honestly the best holiday and experience I’ve ever done.

Every day is different. You ride in the mountains, dessert, beach, forest... Noura and another guide called Brahim are super nice and genuine people who take care of you literally 24/7. Brahim translated everything to English and we had a lot of fun, sometimes literally crying out loud. Not to forget Florian that runs this program and is a really funny guy.

It’s an awesome program put together really smart to give the people the best of Morocco.

I loved every second of it and If I could I would have probably stayed forever haha.

There was one rider with me that wasn’t really polite, but I guess this just wasn’t his thing.

I honestly can’t say any bad thing-the horses were amazing, food was delicious, rides were stunning, overnight accommodation was beautiful each night, Noura and Brahim were just the cutest!

I feel so so grateful and I really wanna thank you guys for this week! You absolutely went out of your way to make everything the best it could be. I’m definitely gonna come back one day!

Lots of love! Aneta

Rafal Janik

from Great Britain, March 2020

Moroccan whiskey Is the best, with sugar of course 🙂

Jackie Jones

from Egypt, March 2020

"Riding in Paradise"

The scenery was stunning and varied. The opportunities for fast and long gallops in different locations were plentiful, but there was also time for laid back ambling and taking photos on narrow , winding mountain pathways, breathing in the pure air and marvelling at the breath taking views. As experienced and confident riders we were given a degree of freedom and autonomy which was refreshing on an organised riding trip. We passed through villages and along country lanes and were greeted with admiration and shy smiles by the locals riding their donkeys, sipping tea in cafes or carrying loads on their heads. I really bonded with my horse who was a complete pleasure to ride. He was strong, sure footed, steady and calm most of the time, but turned in to a supersonic superhero the moment I asked for a gallop. Noura, our guide, was amazing. She knows and loves her horses and remained cheerful, polite and patient throughout the week's trip dealing with anything that was thrown at her. Her assistant and English interpretor, Brahim was also a delight. I have never met such a gentle, kind and unassuming man. A special feature of this riding trip was the choice of local accommodation which made it a complete cultural experience. From a mountain retreat run by a local family, serving home grown and cooked food under the stars, to a Berber camp near the beach and Brahim's family home where we were welcomed by his sister, and were able to listen to him playing while his sister sang.

Ellie Ginn

from Great Britain, December 2019

"Unique riding experience in beautiful mountains and desert"

This was a wonderful way to see the varied and beautiful landscapes of Morocco, including mountains, desert and coastline. The chosen itinerary with this variety was a big highlight of the trip.

I also thought the holiday was perfect for integrating with local communities and people and to find out more about this side of Morocco, an experience which is often hard to find on an ordinary holiday! We stayed in some local people's houses and met lots of wonderful and friendly people along the way! I also really appreciated the hiring of another local guide who spoke English for the trip. He was able to give some really interesting insights into his own culture and the local area where we visited.

The horses were wonderful and Noura is clearly very passionate about the horses and their well being. She is also a very competent guide and quite unique in that she is the only female horse riding guide in Morroco. As I have not ridden regularly for quite a number of years I preferred to have a calmer horse and once we had been matched I found the holiday more relaxed and enjoyable.

Elizabeth Wack

from United States, December 2019

"A unique opportunity to experience Moroccan life"

We most enjoyed the interactions with locals and the restaurants and lodgings off the beaten path where you get a taste of real Moroccan life. You pass through some rather remote villages and are exposed to both Berber and Arab cultures. We had some very special experiences and conversations that can be hard to get as a tourist. The hostel in the mountains and the home stay were particularly wonderful, as were the welcoming and departing dinners at the ranch. The horses really love their work and are well-trained and looked after by Noura. Noura herself is highly competent, welcoming, genuine, and very generously shares her world with guests. There are many opportunities each day for long and fast gallops. This is an ideal ride for experienced, confident riders. The landscape changes throughout the trip, adding interest and variety. As English speakers, we appreciated that they brought on an additional guide who was fluent in Arabic, French, Berber, and English to ease communication.

Mariana Becker

from Monaco, October 2019

"Life experience"

I consider myself very lucky to find this trip on the internet by chance. Everything is really well thought to give you a full impression of the deep Morocco in its natural and still pure culture. It’s not a luxurious trip, it’s a life experience. First of all the horses are really well kept and train by Noura, who is already a very interesting and warm figure. Really strong and knows everything about the horses so you will be in good hands. You won’t be treated like a child but you will be well cared. And this trip is really for intermediate advanced riders. Not for beginners. Everyday is a different challenge, landscape, and people along the way but always good food and good bed to sleep, always good welcoming people after a day of riding . The route gives you the chance of knowing what you have seen in pictures or movies. Lauren, is very well cultured and before the trip can give you an idea of the value of what you will be encountering. Make sure you don’t carry too much stuff because your horse will be carrying it. Apart from what they recommend I would bring a pair of havaianas, some pencils or little goods for some children along the way, riding gloves and and an open heart . I strongly recommend this ! Enjoy!!!!

Annette Roads

from Great Britain, October 2019

"I would recommend this trip."

I thought the trip was well thought out with a mix of landscapes and different accomodation. The food was excellent. Transport was all on time and good. The horses great but it is for people who can ride.

Chantal Carry

from France, October 2019

"The best horse riding holidays !!"

Their horses are amazing and very well trained. Noura and Floran are very friendly and professional. They shared their passion for horses with so much love. I had the privilege to do the 6day-ride as a VIP (only me and Noura). I highly recommend Ranch hacienda Agadir.

Tess Dijkstra

from Netherlands, August 2019

From the moment that we arrived at the airport we were really good taken care of. There was a taxi ready for us that brought us to the ranch. We met with floran and Noura, the owners of the ranch. They were really kind and welcoming. We got to meet the horses right away. They looked really healthy and beautiful.

One thing that I loved about this trip was that we got to see so many different landscapes of Morocco; the mountains, the ‘piste’, the beach and a little bit of the desert.

The food was also great. Noura is a really good cook, and she always made sure that we had enough to eat. The food was also great at the hotels, the guest house and in the little village of Tifnit.

This is not a typical touristic holiday, and that is also what I loved about it. We got to meet real people who live in Morocco, spoke with them (even though our French or Arabic wasn’t great) and had a really good time with them.

Overall this trip was an amazing adventure and I will never forget the people, the horses and the amazing landscapes.

Martina Willis

from Spain, July 2019

"1 week horse back adventure"

It was one of the best holidays I ever had. From the first moment I felt extremely welcome and was looked after like a princess. Noura's cooking is just out of this planet. And I am a really fuzzy person. Being used to the top hotels of the world. Even so all is very basic, it all is done with lots of passion and love. Love for people, culture, the environment and off course for the horses. The horses are one of the best trained and safest horses I have seen for a long time. Even in very difficult and challenging terrain they are always steady. Not once did they do a wrong move.

Noura, being the only female horse guide in Morocco, is very warm but at the same time has an inner strength that is just amazing. She just keeps on going each time the extra mile to make sure the guest and the horses are well looked after. Even if it means to walk two miles in the middle of the night to find water for the horses. Just exceptional.

Yes, and then the riding it self is every day something new and different. First through the Atlas mountains, visiting waterfalls and Oasis in the middle of nowhere. Just stunning riding and also challenging. So right down my alley. Then we had the contrast of long beaches and dessert with golden sand dunes and miles and miles nobody. Just incredible. The cantering along those wide areas of nothing is just out of this earth.

Many thanks Agadir Ranch, for this great opportunity to get to know the "real" Morocco. I felt safe and appreciated all the way.