Agadir Ranch allows you to enjoy all the beautiful natural sites that surround them including the spectacular Paradise Valley. They offer customized programs.

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Noura El Ghazali

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Mohanned Ahmad

from Qatar, May 2021

"A lifetime experience "

Where do I start, it was a wonderful experience I'm still living it two weeks after and I'm sure it'll be a story to tell to friends, family and grand kids. Noura and Floran are lovely people they took me in as family we shared stories, life experiences and many laughs, I'm sure we've become lifelong friends. The tracks were really an experience, mountains, desert, sand dunes, sea shore, bush terrain and farms. Experiencing the real morocco and mixing with the locals and their way of life. The horse chosen for me suited my character and personality so we had a good chemistry in looking after each other. Noura is an excellent cook every time she comes up with an exotic dish that rivals the Michelin standard, I'm sure I added few kilos, but it was worth it.

I'm sure I'll be going back with friends and family, it's a real joy to spend time with Noura and Floran sharing a wonderful meal overlooked by curios horses surrounded by Skuba the dog and Jacob the cat in an authentic moroccan set up under the stars.

Claire Dawson

from Great Britain, March 2020

"The most enjoyable adventure ever "

As soon as I saw the listing for this trip, having done much research, I knew it was the one for me and I wasn’t disappointed. It is a real adventure, taking in some wonderful locations, riding through very varied terrains and meeting some lovely people. The horses are beautifully trained, responsive and willing and immaculately cared for. And they also clearly enjoyed it as much as we did – particularly the gallops along the surf on the Atlantic –a dream fulfilled for me. Florian, Noura and Brahim were great hosts and a lot of fun – we had some very entertaining evenings together – if you go, be sure to ask Brahim about his jacket! Staying in Brahim’s home village in his sister’s house was a particularly wonderful welcome into a Morrocan home, but in fact every accommodation or lunch venue, Berber camp or village family, had its unique charm. Noura is a force of nature, excellent cook and no problem defeats her (as Floran neatly summed it up ‘In Morocco there is ALWAYS a solution!). I will surely be returning with friends and family as soon as this is possible again. Thank you for the best possible introduction to a wonderful country.

Aneta Ogurcakova

from Great Britain, March 2020

"The best time of my life"

This was an amazing experience. To mention first, I am not an experienced rider. I would say I know the basics of riding but never really rode on my own more than just trotting. So I brought this to Noura if they thought I could come, because I was a little worried how I could handle a full week of riding, and they reassured me that they’d give me an adequate horse. I AM SO HAPPY I WENT!

It was honestly the best holiday and experience I’ve ever done.

Every day is different. You ride in the mountains, dessert, beach, forest... Noura and another guide called Brahim are super nice and genuine people who take care of you literally 24/7. Brahim translated everything to English and we had a lot of fun, sometimes literally crying out loud. Not to forget Florian that runs this program and is a really funny guy.

It’s an awesome program put together really smart to give the people the best of Morocco.

I loved every second of it and If I could I would have probably stayed forever haha.

There was one rider with me that wasn’t really polite, but I guess this just wasn’t his thing.

I honestly can’t say any bad thing-the horses were amazing, food was delicious, rides were stunning, overnight accommodation was beautiful each night, Noura and Brahim were just the cutest!

I feel so so grateful and I really wanna thank you guys for this week! You absolutely went out of your way to make everything the best it could be. I’m definitely gonna come back one day!

Lots of love! Aneta

Rafal Janik

from Great Britain, March 2020

Moroccan whiskey Is the best, with sugar of course 🙂

Jackie Jones

from Egypt, March 2020

"Riding in Paradise"

The scenery was stunning and varied. The opportunities for fast and long gallops in different locations were plentiful, but there was also time for laid back ambling and taking photos on narrow , winding mountain pathways, breathing in the pure air and marvelling at the breath taking views. As experienced and confident riders we were given a degree of freedom and autonomy which was refreshing on an organised riding trip. We passed through villages and along country lanes and were greeted with admiration and shy smiles by the locals riding their donkeys, sipping tea in cafes or carrying loads on their heads. I really bonded with my horse who was a complete pleasure to ride. He was strong, sure footed, steady and calm most of the time, but turned in to a supersonic superhero the moment I asked for a gallop. Noura, our guide, was amazing. She knows and loves her horses and remained cheerful, polite and patient throughout the week's trip dealing with anything that was thrown at her. Her assistant and English interpretor, Brahim was also a delight. I have never met such a gentle, kind and unassuming man. A special feature of this riding trip was the choice of local accommodation which made it a complete cultural experience. From a mountain retreat run by a local family, serving home grown and cooked food under the stars, to a Berber camp near the beach and Brahim's family home where we were welcomed by his sister, and were able to listen to him playing while his sister sang.

Ellie Ginn

from Great Britain, December 2019

"Unique riding experience in beautiful mountains and desert"

This was a wonderful way to see the varied and beautiful landscapes of Morocco, including mountains, desert and coastline. The chosen itinerary with this variety was a big highlight of the trip.

I also thought the holiday was perfect for integrating with local communities and people and to find out more about this side of Morocco, an experience which is often hard to find on an ordinary holiday! We stayed in some local people's houses and met lots of wonderful and friendly people along the way! I also really appreciated the hiring of another local guide who spoke English for the trip. He was able to give some really interesting insights into his own culture and the local area where we visited.

The horses were wonderful and Noura is clearly very passionate about the horses and their well being. She is also a very competent guide and quite unique in that she is the only female horse riding guide in Morroco. As I have not ridden regularly for quite a number of years I preferred to have a calmer horse and once we had been matched I found the holiday more relaxed and enjoyable.

Elizabeth Wack

from United States, December 2019

"A unique opportunity to experience Moroccan life"

We most enjoyed the interactions with locals and the restaurants and lodgings off the beaten path where you get a taste of real Moroccan life. You pass through some rather remote villages and are exposed to both Berber and Arab cultures. We had some very special experiences and conversations that can be hard to get as a tourist. The hostel in the mountains and the home stay were particularly wonderful, as were the welcoming and departing dinners at the ranch. The horses really love their work and are well-trained and looked after by Noura. Noura herself is highly competent, welcoming, genuine, and very generously shares her world with guests. There are many opportunities each day for long and fast gallops. This is an ideal ride for experienced, confident riders. The landscape changes throughout the trip, adding interest and variety. As English speakers, we appreciated that they brought on an additional guide who was fluent in Arabic, French, Berber, and English to ease communication.

Mariana Becker

from Monaco, October 2019

"Life experience"

I consider myself very lucky to find this trip on the internet by chance. Everything is really well thought to give you a full impression of the deep Morocco in its natural and still pure culture. It’s not a luxurious trip, it’s a life experience. First of all the horses are really well kept and train by Noura, who is already a very interesting and warm figure. Really strong and knows everything about the horses so you will be in good hands. You won’t be treated like a child but you will be well cared. And this trip is really for intermediate advanced riders. Not for beginners. Everyday is a different challenge, landscape, and people along the way but always good food and good bed to sleep, always good welcoming people after a day of riding . The route gives you the chance of knowing what you have seen in pictures or movies. Lauren, is very well cultured and before the trip can give you an idea of the value of what you will be encountering. Make sure you don’t carry too much stuff because your horse will be carrying it. Apart from what they recommend I would bring a pair of havaianas, some pencils or little goods for some children along the way, riding gloves and and an open heart . I strongly recommend this ! Enjoy!!!!

Annette Roads

from Great Britain, October 2019

"I would recommend this trip."

I thought the trip was well thought out with a mix of landscapes and different accomodation. The food was excellent. Transport was all on time and good. The horses great but it is for people who can ride.

Chantal Carry

from France, October 2019

"The best horse riding holidays !!"

Their horses are amazing and very well trained. Noura and Floran are very friendly and professional. They shared their passion for horses with so much love. I had the privilege to do the 6day-ride as a VIP (only me and Noura). I highly recommend Ranch hacienda Agadir.

Tess Dijkstra

from Netherlands, August 2019

From the moment that we arrived at the airport we were really good taken care of. There was a taxi ready for us that brought us to the ranch. We met with floran and Noura, the owners of the ranch. They were really kind and welcoming. We got to meet the horses right away. They looked really healthy and beautiful.

One thing that I loved about this trip was that we got to see so many different landscapes of Morocco; the mountains, the ‘piste’, the beach and a little bit of the desert.

The food was also great. Noura is a really good cook, and she always made sure that we had enough to eat. The food was also great at the hotels, the guest house and in the little village of Tifnit.

This is not a typical touristic holiday, and that is also what I loved about it. We got to meet real people who live in Morocco, spoke with them (even though our French or Arabic wasn’t great) and had a really good time with them.

Overall this trip was an amazing adventure and I will never forget the people, the horses and the amazing landscapes.

Martina Willis

from Spain, July 2019

"1 week horse back adventure"

It was one of the best holidays I ever had. From the first moment I felt extremely welcome and was looked after like a princess. Noura's cooking is just out of this planet. And I am a really fuzzy person. Being used to the top hotels of the world. Even so all is very basic, it all is done with lots of passion and love. Love for people, culture, the environment and off course for the horses. The horses are one of the best trained and safest horses I have seen for a long time. Even in very difficult and challenging terrain they are always steady. Not once did they do a wrong move.

Noura, being the only female horse guide in Morocco, is very warm but at the same time has an inner strength that is just amazing. She just keeps on going each time the extra mile to make sure the guest and the horses are well looked after. Even if it means to walk two miles in the middle of the night to find water for the horses. Just exceptional.

Yes, and then the riding it self is every day something new and different. First through the Atlas mountains, visiting waterfalls and Oasis in the middle of nowhere. Just stunning riding and also challenging. So right down my alley. Then we had the contrast of long beaches and dessert with golden sand dunes and miles and miles nobody. Just incredible. The cantering along those wide areas of nothing is just out of this earth.

Many thanks Agadir Ranch, for this great opportunity to get to know the "real" Morocco. I felt safe and appreciated all the way.