Bespoke Equestrian Ireland is a full-service provider of luxury horse riding vacations on Ireland’s North Coast and beyond.

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Brenna Meko

from United States, September 2019


The only word that describes this trip was AMAZING.

The care and attention that was planned by the McKinley family at Shean’s family farm made a trip of a lifetime a reality.

They made sure you had the exact horse for you and your ability with keeping the safety and care of their beloved Irish sport horses a top priority.

We experienced running on the beautiful beaches of Northern Ireland to exploring several castles and saw many beautiful sites along the way.

I feel like they paid close attention to making sure your dreams came true

and gained friends along the way. I highly recommend this trip to anyone. They make horseback riding dreams come true.

I highly recommend you take this trip. It’s a great way to experience

Northern Ireland. Giddy up !!

Nadia Thansingh

from Canada, August 2019

"Without a doubt the best horseback riding trip I've done!"

This trip was a dream. Northern Ireland is such a beautiful place. The coastline is only just becoming a tourist destination so it is an absolute treat to visit before it absolutely explodes with tourism.

There are so many different terrains to ride along the coast, wonderful B&B hosts to make friends with, and I cannot say enough good things about the McKinley Family! They are the type of warm, welcoming people that you feel right at home with. I ate more scones that I'd like to admit at their kitchen table, and I certainly have not chatted so much and about such a wide variety of topics with new acquaintances before. They are an incredibly hardworking, fascinating family and I am so happy to have met them!

Apart from the company, the trip is incredibly well thought out. The horses are transported each day (along with riders) to the best trail given the weather for that day. There are several amazing historical landmarks to see in the area (Mussenden Temple, Dunluce Castle) and the trip was planned so that we started early enough on certain days to actually ride through some of these landmarks. It seems that we stopped at just the right time each day to stretch and eat lunch.

If you are an intermediate to advanced rider, you will appreciate how well trained and intelligent the horses are, even the youngsters still in training. I had an absolute blast riding Phillip & Chomp throughout the week.

Lucy Stone

from Great Britain, July 2019

"Fantastic week away"

I had an absolute blast. The horses were very well cared for, the staff were friendly and informative when it came to information about the sites and the areas that we were riding through. The accommodation was brilliant and everything was run very smoothly and efficiently

Hilary Robinson

from Great Britain, July 2019

"Adventurous Granny goes to Ireland"

Forward going safe stoppable horse

Wonderful long gallops on quiet beaches

Very helpful and informative guide