Just two hours from Buenos Aires, Dos Talas Estancia is a magical place. It's everything that an estancia should be.

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Felix Luna Argentina

Estancia Dos Talas website

These old Argentine estancias, which some are silly enough to view as mere expressions of wealth and snobbism, are really just the fruit of the hard and constant labors. And in situations where a founder's descendents value the estancia as much as you do, then the estancia becomes part of the common patrimony of all Argentines. In memory of an unforgettable stay at Dos Talas

Tony Coleman England

Estancia Dos Talas website

We had hoped that coming to Argentina for our honeymoon would provide many special memories. We were prepared for just how special this has been. To ride the Pampas, to eat the food, drink your wine, and to hear your stories and discover the history of Dos Talas has been a memorable experience. May Dos Talas prosper and honour if heritage

Nelly O'Brian de Lacy

Estancia Dos Talas website

I spent marvelous days here at Dos Talas, a seeming earthly paradise. It is a pity that one can't paint the birdsong, or the delicate aroma of the magnolias!