Double Rafter

Double Rafter is a family-owned and working cattle ranch offering working ranch vacation in Wyoming, USA.

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Pierre Leonard

Double After website

You want a real cowboy adventure herding cattle on the top of Big Horn mountain at 11,000 feet. You will live the life of cowboys as it was century ago. An adventure not to miss. The horseback riding is very exciting with creeks crossing, mud slide, rocky canyon trails, and much more. The food is good cowboy american recipes such steaks, smoked ham, ribs, dutch oven peach cobblers, pancakes, sausages, and much more.

Alexandra Vanderydt

Double Rafter website

The Double Rafter Cattle Drive takes you on horseback through the beautiful wilderness of the Bighorn Mountains. The horses are hard-working and well cared for. The staff have been herding cattle for generations so they are full of information about the business and the area. They show pride in their work and are happy to share it with others. This is a true cowboy experience!

Derk Wilbrenninck Canada

Double After website

Hi Dana, Alice, Taylor, Kathryn, and Boon,

As many of your guest my expectations were very high, as I didn’t want to end up in a dude Ranch, and you can’t have all your answers on the web.

What I went through during these 5 days is just crazy, even in my wildest dreams I couldn’t have lived this. Panorama, food, guests, cooks, cowboys, knee pain, work, everything was top of the cream, but above all I have a thought for Traveler, this incredible painted QH, that was climbing like a squirrel, going downhill like Lindsey Vonn, had cow sense and such a huge hart, what an extraordinary partner. As I am a little of a lonesome cowboy, I really enjoyed the freedom you gave us to go anywhere alone or with a couple of other riders, and help doing the Job. Even before I watch the video you posted on your new web site, I had decided to come back for a new ride in 2017. Every day that goes by I remember this drive ( in god’s country) that brings back a smile on my face. Thanks for the ride.

I wish you all a merry Xmas and a happy new Year.


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