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Jillian Boscolo-Wienke

Equine Support International website

Really enjoying the hard work, enthusiasm and commitment Anne puts into training us. We have seen a significant improvement in a very short period of time, and not through ‘tricks’ or ’quick fixes’, but purely by being instructed on how to ride my horse correctly so the results are the building blocks for the correct foundation to continue up the levels.

Hebe Hsieh

Equine Support International website

I’m Hebe from Taiwan and I had four lessons from Carlijn this winter vacation. First, I want to thank Carlijn. She gave lessons from early in the morning to late at night and she was still enthusiastic about every rider. I haven’t ride horses for about 5 months but I still went to Carlijn’s lessons. I’m glad to see I didn’t forget how to ride. Carlijn’s lessons have good structure, she teaches step by step so there is no need to worry. She gave me a lot of confidence in horse riding which makes me know that I can do even more in dressage. When riding she also taught me some theories and techniques in dressage. In these lessons I improved a lot. I am looking forward to another chance to learn from Carlijn.

Tracy Moss Lopez

Equine Support International website

Thank you so much for the 2 day clinic Jaap. It was so much fun, Duende and I had a great time! I really love how you focus on both horse and rider and worked on our needs. Can’t wait until the next one! Big hug Tracy xx