Fantasia Adventure Holidays offers friendly hassle free horse riding holidays where you can relax and enjoy every moment of your holiday.

Reviews (3)


from Great Britain, October 2019

"Cons out weighed the pros"

Caroline was fantastic with the dinners and ordering our food and having a English menu available. It would have been very tricky to order without her.


from Switzerland, February 2019

"Very disappointing trip that I left 3 days into the holiday"

The horses are well trained, the rides were very pretty, and the accommodation was good. It will be useful to know a little bit of Spanish in case you need to ask questions at the reception.


from Canada, August 2018

Caroline was quite nice and knew the horses very well.

The horses were well trained and responsive.

The trails were lovely.

The hotel and town of Bagate where we stayed were lovely. Nice beach, good restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. People very friendly.