Gaucho Argentino offers a series of horseback holidays to know the life of real gauchos and ridden round trip departing in Salta in northern Argentina as well as crossing the Andes to Chile.

Horse Riding Holidays (2)

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Reviews (1)

Helen Axelsson

from Germany, March 2019

"A trip of a lifetime!"

We liked everything! Staff, food, wine, horses, landscape and company.

Testimonials (1)

Kristin Deasy United States

Gaucho Argentino Facebook page

Honestly, coming from someone who had never seriously mounted a horse in her life and never considered herself horsey, Gaucho argentino cabalgatas managed to change all that real fast. The brainchild of born-and-raised gaucho Dario Gallardo, the socially-conscious horseriding tourism project is very much an adventure. You're served traditional mountain food fresh out of the fire, there is an abundance of wine, and at night you fall asleep under the stars listening to the strumming of a guitar and beatiful traditional Argentina folk songs. Not to mention taking in jaw-dropping views on horseback, which is just a whole different kind of Andes experience. So yeah, keep this in mind if you've been wanting to visit Argentina or if, like me, you live here and want a mind-blowing adventure.