We welcome you to come and join us at natural horse riding center Havana Horses for an Empowering Yoga and Natural Horsemanship Retreat.

Horse Riding Holidays (2)

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Instructors (2)

Havedz Nugroho

Anna van Rheeden

Reviews (2)

Esmee Douma

from Netherlands, November 2023

"Perfect combination, working horses the natural way and Yoga"

The owners, Anna and Havedz were very hospitable and I learned a lot from them when it comes to working with horses on the ground. There also was a wonderful yoga teacher who gave good instructions about finding balance in my body. And finding balance in your own body is just as important as balancing your horse. Very worthwhile to stay there and learn how to work with horses from a different perspective. In addition, the stay was really beautiful.

Akilah Jeffers

from Hong Kong, October 2018

I really liked the fact that thought was put into choosing the right horse for me to ride. I have never had such an intuitive connection with a horse in my life. I also liked the individual attention. I learnt a lot in a short space of time, and was given constructive feedback.