Horse Riding Andalucia is a small enterprise offering horse riding tours in the natural reserve.

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Instructors (2)

Wolfgang Kloss

Maike Denzler

Reviews (1)

Stefani Nikolaeva

from Great Britain, February 2019

"Excellent experience"

I liked everything. I went there for as many horse riding hours as possible. I really enjoyed it and this was the best holiday. I was able to relax and have a great time with the horses.

Testimonials (3)

Stefanie and Ted Witjes Netherlands

Horse Riding Andalucia website

When we came to Wolf the first time we had almost no horse riding experience, but with him as a guide and teacher we spent a great week! We were doing tours from 3 hours to whole days. We truly loved our time on horseback in the quiet mountains or passing the countryside along the lake, eating our picnic at beautiful spots. We found the horses reliable and loved the humour and the hospitality of our hosts, above all, Maike’s breakfast. Do not hesitate, Go!!

Marianne and Daniel Schoenenberger Switzerland

Horse Riding Andalucia website

We still remember our stay in March 2013 very well. We enjoyed everything: horse riding, hiking, historical information and the bath in the hot springs of Alhama, even the rain and the cold evenings in front of the fireplace with a book.

Hilde and Peter De Smedt Duymelinck Belgium

Horse Riding Andalucia website

About 2 years ago we discovered, almost accidentally, this very nice place for horse riding. We do highly recommend it to any horse and nature loving person. The owners, Maike and Wolfgang, like to live a simple life, close to nature and their horses. The horses are very friendly, calm, well kept and lovely to ride. Wolf discussed with us the level and duration of the tours. you can choose between 2 hours, half a day or almost the whole day, including picnic lunch. All tours are very beautiful and have fabulous sightings. The guest house has all the facilities you need. Breakfast can be ordered and lunch or dinner are gorgeous. So far we have been 6 times in 2 years and hope to go again this autumn. Thank you Maike and Wolf for having us.