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Kyrgyzstan Horse Riding Holiday

If you are not a fan of megacities, if you are tired of the noise of cars and a large crowd of people, if you prefer peace and quiet, nature and solitude, beauty and vast expanses, then this tour is for you. You will not only feel the power of the earth, imbued with the energy of freedom, but also understand why for many centuries the Kyrgyz have remained nomadic in their souls and way of life, why they leave villages every year and go into the mountains where there is no electricity, hot water, or comfort. Why do they renounce the world of people?

Key information

  • Rider weight limit: 220 pounds / 100 kilograms
  • Horse height range: 13.7 hands
  • Tack type: Saddle with multipartite compound tree and saddle with a compound tree and a figured pommel
  • Horse breed: Kyrgyz Horses


  • 10 days with horse riding
  • The tour starts and ends in Bishkek
  • Stay in yurts or houses of local people
  • Ride well-trained, tough, and sure-footed horses
  • Professional English-speaking horse guide
  • Daily full board meals are included
  • 15 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


15 days with instruction
Airport transfer included: Manas International Airport
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In the cities, you will usually be accommodated in three-star hotels.

  • In Bishkek it's Asia Mountains Hotel
  • In Karakol it's Green Yard Hotel
  • In Naryn it's Khan-Tengri Hotel

Internet and mobile network

There are Megacom, О!, Beeline operators. Internet is not expensive. You can buy a sim card at the airport or in the city.


Well, everything is clear: where a man is ruled by a phone, where silence is not heard even at night it is impossible to truly relax your soul and find peace with yourself. So, give up all your worldly concerns and forget for a few days that there are huge worlds created from glass and concrete and surrender to the will of nature, which has never failed its children and knows what is needed for your mental balance.

It will definitely give you an unforgettable vacation and leave an indelible impression of such simple things, completely forgotten by modern man. The most beautiful mountain landscapes will be pleasing to the eye, the crystal clear rivers will beckon with their coolness, the fresh air will ruffle your hair, and nature will whisper to you how good it is to just live!

Find peace and harmony in your soul, and then you will be able to return to the familiar world, vigorous and full of energy. The high mountains are waiting for you! This horse tour from Naryn to Tash Rabat will give you an unforgettable experience! Only in this tour absolutely wild places and untrodden paths are waiting for you, where you can find traces of ibex, goats, wolves, foxes, hares, and mountain deer.

You will visit the filming site of the famous Kyrgyz film “Descendant of the Snow Leopard”, you will see a real water mill and you can watch the whole process of making flour, visit the trout farm, see the unique and amazing waterfall, Shar. The ruins of ancient fortresses, old mosques, nights in yurts with an open canopy, and billions of stars overhead are waiting for you.

You will be told the stories of hunters and ak-sakals (elders) who would be happy to share beautiful legends with you while drinking healing herbal tea with hot flatbread.

Day 1: Arriving at the airport Manas

Transfer to Bishkek. Accommodation at the hotel and rest. City tour with visiting colorful Osh bazaar where you may buy fresh and dry fruit, berries, and nuts. You will visit the main Ala-Too square with the change of guards, the old square with the Lenin statue, the Manas complex with Philharmonic hall, and Victory square with the central mall, ZUM.

Day 2: Moving to the city of Naryn

On the way, will visit the historical-architectural complex of Burana Tower (X - XII in). Burana tower (minaret) is located on the territory of an ancient settlement 90 kilometers away from Bishkek. The historians and archeologists proved that the settlement was once the capital of Karakhanid Khanate and was called Balasagun which was founded in the 10th century AC.

Burana tower is the central monument of this complex. Lunch in the family of local residents. Arriving in Naryn, stop for the night in a guest house and dinner.

Day 3: Start of the horse trek

From Naryn, go to the village of Char, where they organized lunch. Along the way, meet a large number of local residents and herders. Further, your path lies through the mountains to the village Okmuz, where you'll stop for the night.

Day 4: Rest day

After a day of riding, you will definitely need to rest. You will spend the day in the village, getting acquainted with the culture, customs, and traditions of the local people, as well as be able to see the workshops for the manufacture of objects made of felt.

Day 5: Continue riding horses

Riding horses again, continue your way to the village, Borondu. Lunchtime. Further, through the Kok-Kumbёz, get to the mountain yurt camp, "Sary-Tal", where you will stop for the night.

Day 6: Kyndy Pass

Today, there is going to be an amazing trip to the mountains called, "Selkinchek", where they filmed the famous Kyrgyz movie, "Kojo-Jash" which is translated as "The Descendant of the Snow Leopard". These beautiful wild places, untrodden paths, where you can find traces of ibex, goats, wolves, foxes, hares, and mountain deer. You will start from the village of Sary-Tal, ride to the yurt village of Bosogo. Here, you will have lunch and walk through the village.

In the Kyrgyz customs, men can pass from one tent to another all day on paying a visit to this or that family, where he will always be welcome and will always find fresh bread and tea. After being a guest in a couple of houses, continue your way and stop in five to six kilometers before the pass, "Kyndy".

Here, you will be able to taste kumys in one of the yurts and rest a bit, go into the mountains, and soon, come to the destination point. In the evening, return to the village of Sary-Tal. Spend the night in a yurt.

Day 7: Short horse ride

On this day, you will have a small horse transition to Ozgorush village where you will stop for the night in the home of local residents.

Day 8: From the village of Ozgorush, climb into the mountains

Next, get to the village of Taldy-Suu, where you will be able to see the real water mill and see the whole process of the production of flour. Lunch in the family and move into the gorge, Jol-Bogoshtu. Overnight in the yurt camp.

Day 9: Way to the waterfall

Today, your goal will be a beautiful waterfall called "Shar". Have a picnic. The descent to the village of Bash-Kaiyndy. Spend the night in the house of the local people.

Day 10: Trout farm

The morning will be free. Meet with the villagers, ak-sakals, and get a chance to see the trout farm. After lunch, make the transition to the village of At-Bashi. Spend the night in the family.

Day 11: Ancient fortress of Koshoi-Korgon

Today will be saturated. The entire path will run through beautiful mountains. You will visit the remains of the fortress of Koshoi-Korgon. After passing through the village of Kalinin, you will see the old mosque built here in the 18th century. This night, you will stay in the Zhanyguch village.

Day 12: By mountain trails

Going down and getting up, you will ford small rivers and cross green meadows, today, you will reach the village of Kyzyl-Tuu and then come to the village of Kazybek. Lunch in the family. At night, you will stay in the village of "Pogranichnic".

Day 13: Ancient fortress of Tash Rabat

Your next stop will be the fortress of Tash Rabat. Tash-Rabat is an amazing place: it’s a caravanserai of the 11th century, located in the Tash-Rabat gorge. This small valley lies at an altitude of 3000 meters and is beautiful in its soft landscapes and fanciful shapes of rocks. You will spend this night in a yurt camp.

Day 14: Day of rest

Tour to the historic complex of the Tash-Rabat fortress. Among the medieval architectural historical monuments of Central Asia, you won’t find anything similar to Tash-Rabat. Historians and archeologists still didn’t come to a consensus about the question of who and why built this majestic monument in this wild place.

Tash-Rabat is considered to be the biggest and hardest-to-build stone construction which doesn’t have any analogs on the vast territory from the Gobi desert to the Caspian Sea. Some researchers consider it to be a Christian monastery that played the role of caravanserai for traders, others claim that it was a fortress and had a defensive value. A walk through the gorge. Return to the camp.

Day 15: Long drive to Bishkek (560 kilometers)

Have lunch in Naryn. Arriving in the capital. Accommodation at the hotel. Farewell dinner.

Day 16: Transfer to the airport

Transfer to the airport for the flight home. End of program.


In Kyrgyzstan, people ride ordinary Kyrgyz horses. They are small but quite strong to cover long distances in the highlands. You will use handmade Kyrgyz national saddles. They carry out a large number of horse tours. All horses are well-circled animals with a calm temper and stable character but you also have to understand that any inaccurate handling of them may entail any unpredictable consequences.

The horses are typical Kyrgyz horses, well-trained, tough, and sure-footed sure, they are small (140 centimeters) but muscular, strong, and have a flat back. Kyrgyz horses have four basic gaits: walking, ambling, trotting, and galloping. It moves at great ease on harsh terrain and at high altitudes.

The weight limit for the riders is 100 kilograms but if there is a person of a bigger weight or a very high person, just let them know in advance so they could find the right horse for him/her. As for the tack, there are two types of horse saddles which are handmade:

  • saddle with a multipartite compound tree
  • saddle with a compound tree and a figured pommel

Of course, before the start of the horse tour, the guide-groom will tell you about your horse and the needed approach to it. He will instruct on the riding rules and procedures.


  • Clothes and boots: Boots for horse riding

Boots with thick or heavy treads, like hiking boots or snow boots are unsuitable for riding. These boots tend to be wide with a big boxy toe, which means they may get caught on the sides of the stirrup. They also have a lot of grip which is good while you're hiking but will make it harder to slide your foot in and out of the stirrup.

When you’re choosing any type of gear, including footwear, always think "safety first". There are English and Western-style boots and it’s up to you which one to choose. The difference is Western boots traditionally tend to have a slightly higher heel than English. You may have something in your closet that will work just fine, without the expense of buying boots made specifically for riding.

As long as the tread and heel are appropriate, they aren't too big for the stirrup, they fit well, and support your foot, they should be fine. Additional information on what is provided and what you need to take with,r you can ask the program manager.

Trip intensity (Level 3 Hard: Good fit, possible for beginners)

Physical training prior to the trip should begin no later than two months before the start, as you will have to walk and climb to a height of 3,000 meters above sea level and more. Hiking will be from six kilometers and more a day. Physical fitness and endurance are very important.

Overnights are in tents, so it is necessary to have experience of being in the mountains, installing, and arranging a bivouac. You will have a great view from the tent to the wild nature during the day and the endless starry sky at night. Sometimes, you will have to pass short parts with dense vegetation, cross rivers on foot. You can also get in the rain. It might even snow at night.


The country is quite safe. Locals are friendly and hospitable. Hotel Asia Mountains still recommends sticking to general safety rules: carry a copy of your passport with you, do not carry large sums of money with you, be careful in crowded places (bazaars, shops), watch your pockets and bags.

If the police stops you, you must show your ID. Also, the representative of the authorities at your request must show his certificate. A police officer may detain any person to verify his identity, even if he does not commit an administrative offense. However, an official does not have the right to detain a person without any reason, if he presented an identity document.

The best season in Kyrgyzstan is May to the end of September. There are not many tourists at the beginning and end of the season. In spring, you can see flowers in the mountains, rare Red Book tulips. It is hot in summer and you can bathe in Lake Issyk-Kul. Autumn is the Velvet season. Heat is over and it’s not so cold in the mountains.


Kyrgyzstan is a former Soviet Union Republic. That’s why practically the whole local population speaks Russian. Thus, you won’t experience communication problems.


Travelers are often concerned with what will be served for meals during a tour. The cuisine in Kyrgyzstan is very diverse and they offer national, European, vegetarian cuisines, as well as special meals, for example, gluten-free on the tours. It is better to warn about the peculiarities and preferences in nutrition in advance. The Asia Mountains Company has been working in the tourist market for 20 years already and has vast experience in cooking even in the most severe conditions and expeditions.

They cooperate with the best cooks who have done not one trekking route and know all the nuances of cooking in the mountains above 2000 meters. The cuisine in Kyrgyzstan is rich in calories and nourishing. Main dishes consist of meat, pasta, broth. The main national dishes, that the locals like a lot, are manty, lagman (fried or with broth), pilaf, beshbarmak, samsa, and national drinks: kumys, maksym, tan, etc.

The Kyrgyz food used to be seasonal. In the summer, it was vegetables, berries, and fruits, and in winter, the diet was mainly of dairy food and meat. Kyrgyz people eat mutton, horse meat, beef, camel meat, goat meat, and yak meat. Mutton and horse meat are especially appreciated.

At the moment, many tourists come to Kyrgyzstan and the local population, adjusting to it, cooks more lenten dishes. You can easily find vegetarian food, but you should definitely try national dishes such as Besh-Barmak, Manti, Shorpo, Dymlama, Kazy, Pilov, Ashlyam-Fu, Samsa, and Kuurdak.

Nowadays, there is no problem with finding drinks. You can easily find all you want in shops, from water to Coca-Cola Lite, but usually, people drink tea in families. In such destinations as Son-Kul, Tash-Rabat, high in the mountains, you will be offered kumys (traditional drink from horse milk) or shoro (grains drink).

There is no problem with alcohol. You can easily find beer or more strong drinks in shops. The only thing is that alcohol drinking in public places is forbidden.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • Regular (typically includes meat and fish)
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

What's included

  • 10 horse riding days
  • Use of horses and saddles
  • 15 nights accommodation
  • Daily full board meals
  • All transport needed throughout the program
  • Services of an English-speaking and professional horse guide

What's not included

  • Any changes in the program
  • Alcohol beverages
  • Excursions not included in the program
  • Tips for driver, guides, and hotel personnel
  • Any personal expenses in the hotel (International calls, bar, etc.)
  • Single supplement (60 USD)

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Arrival by airplane

Please arrange your flight to arrive at Manas International Airport (FRU). Your program starts in Bishkek. You can get to the international airport in Bishkek city by various airlines: Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, S7, and others from Russia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, China, Kazakhstan, and other countries. Hotel Asia Mountains does not sell international air tickets, but they can recommend where to buy them.

You will be met by the representative at the airport and taken to the hotel. On the way, you can attend an exchange office and exchange money or do it during the day. If you need a visa to Kyrgyzstan, consult with the tour manager on how to get it.

For groups of 2 to 4 pax, the Mitsubishi Delica is used (7 seats). For groups of 5 to 12 pax, the Mercedes Sprinter bus is used (18 seats). For groups consisting of more than 12 pax, either 2 Sprinter buses or a large bus are used depending on the route, since in a mountainous area, a large bus cannot always pass. It is forbidden to drive large buses along the Bishkek-Osh Highway.

Airport: Manas International Airport Airport transfer included: Manas International Airport No additional charges. You can request this in the next step.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 45% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.
16 days / 15 nights
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Trip information

Hotel Asia Mountains recommends booking a tour in advance. Then, they will have the opportunity to choose the best guides and other staff, book the most comfortable hotels and guesthouses for you. Program bookings are carried out on a prepaid basis. For more information, please send an inquiry.

Pricing information

The prices below are valid when at least four to six people are coming for the tour. The prices fluctuate as more people book, kindly see the list for the pricing guide. Please send an inquiry to get the most accurate price on your chosen date.

  • 1,780 USD per person: More than 10 people in the group
  • 1,980 USD per person: More than 8 people in the group
  • 2,135 USD per person: More than 6 people in the group
  • 2,485 USD per person: More than 4 people in the group
Sunday August 7, 2022
(16 days / 15 nights)

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