Irish Horse Riding, located in the rural West of Ireland, offers the unique guided post to post Galway - Clare - Burren horse trail riding holiday.

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Bertie Cummins

Nicola Hobucher

Nicola Hobucher

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Mahaut Raguin

from France, June 2024

"Best Horse Riding experience in Ireland"

I fell in love with An Sibin Riding Center the instant I put a foot into it.

This is a wonderful place, runned by lovely people, and lovely horses!

I personally went on the Irish Castle and Monastic Ruin Ride, and every day was a nice surprise : the morning rides are lovely, as well as their guides. You will discover landscapes and anecdotes that you would never have thought of before. The tours on the afternoons are also amazing, and their guides are passionate and dedicated to make our visits the best experiences possible.

I loved the mindset of everyone at An Sibin Riding Center : the horses are happy, healthy, and live together in a big field. They are safe and also sweet and funny. I had an amazing time riding Iontas during the week!

Bertie, Nicola and also everyone working at An Sibin are very kind and accommodating. The meals are also amazing, whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or dairy free!

I met wonderful people and made beautiful memories and friends. I would recommend An Sibin Riding Center anytime.

A big thank you to Nicola and Bertie, I will definitely see you next year!


Sharon Greer

from Canada, June 2024

"It was a wonderful experience to visit Clare county, Burren "

The experience, the beautiful views I would not have seen on a tour or by hiking, horseback riding was spectacular

Selma Yanik

from Great Britain, October 2023

"Wonderful place to relax, explore and exercise! "

The farm has such a charm with the old barns and the well restored main building. There are dogs, Alpacas, pigeons, geese, horses and donkeys who are happy to greet you every morning. Nicola and Bertie are great hosts and guides and their team of “work and travel” student employees are doing an amazing job by taking care of daily chores. I didn’t know much about the history of Scotland but the books in her library with the fireplace made reading so enjoyable. The visits to the castles and the workhouse were very interesting and humbling. The horses were well looked after and everything was well organised. All in all I can highly recommend the place/experience.

Joanne Boswell

from United States, October 2023

"Fun ride, great host/hostess, very accommodating, wonderful"

Great food, Very Nice accommodations, well trained/well kept horses.

Generally a fun time, plenty of riding, excellent side trips. Hostess is very accommodating and provided guides and instructions.

Ronald Noel

from United States, September 2023

"Great Riding Trip"

The riding was excellent, learned a lot and made some new friends! Throughly enjoyed the entire experience!

Kevin Willis

from Great Britain, August 2023

"Adventures on horseback"

The whole experience was amazing. Nicola and Bertie provided excellent hospitality at their rustic and welcoming An Sibin Riding Stables. They ensured everybody was looked after, whether it was on horseback or back 'home'.

As a relative beginner, any concerns about my lack of experience were quickly dispelled as my instructors ensured I was happy trotting and then progressing to a canter by the end of the week. They showed patience and helped me to tack up my horse. The forest tracks provide the superb environment to connect with nature and there were no vehicles to avoid.

The quality of home cooking provided at the Centre was outstanding.

I also liked the international mix of guests, members of staff and animals. We became a 'family'.

Fiorenza Barazzoni

from Italy, August 2023

"Wonderful landscapes and horses"

On holiday with my 9 years old daughter, we will keep a long lasting memory of these 4 days of riding and quietness in beautiful County Clare. Nice staff and great and experienced hosts!

Valentina Loreto

from Italy, August 2023

"Like a fairy tale"

I had the pleasure to stay and ride in the most beautiful place ever, the An Sibin Riding Centre! Located in the middle of a green forest and a beautiful purple heather moor, the An Sibin is the place to be, is heart, is love, is everything you need to recover yourself. Nicola and Bertie welcomed the guests in their property, or better to say "in the fairy property"; every details in the house is made with love and it seems to be there since ever. The atmosphere is pure magic, the room are cozy and comfortable, the food is delicious till morning to night, the crew who work with horses and helping in every stuff is kind and gentle and so so nice and sweet, Nicola is my super heroine! The horses are perfectly trained to ride in the countryside, they know well where they are going and they are focused on what they are doing. I had the chance to ride two different horses, Pearce the giant and Tierney the Connemara, I have both in my heart! I higly recommend the An Sibin seems to live in a book of fairytales! Valentina from Italy!

Shreves Jennifer

from United States, August 2023

"Horse and Human Heaven! Ireland’s finest and friendliest- "

The instruction was phenomenal. With the help and tips of Nicola and her staff, who are very knowledgeable and skilled horsemen/horsewomen, I made the transition from Western riding to English riding from day one. My horse, Eineen was a beautiful and responsive Connamera. I love western riding but in my opinion the English saddle is much more suitable for the trot. I believe the feel of the horse taught me to be a smoother rider in the trot. And yes many of us western riders post the trot.

I was initially concerned about location but Nicola guided me easily from Kilarney via two buses (via limerick which was great because it allowed us to pick up rain pants which were needed that week, hey it is Ireland and all their green needs lots of rain but it never slowed down the rides) and Bertie was waiting for us and took us straight to the riding accommodations. We were met my Mathilde at the door , whom I would call a guest hostess, with a smile a pleasant French accent and easily understood English, and a hot cup of coffee and tea and a cozy fire in the fireplace.

Location is rustic and lushly green. We walked / hiked almost every afternoon with one or both of their friendly house dogs leading the way. You are steps away from an enchanted forest of moss they call Fairy Forest, don’t miss their hike around the property. We felt very much at home, loved the interesting decor, stone work and the horses in the front and back yard!

An Sibin attracts great guests, horse lovers!

Päivi Ben Ammar

from Finland, July 2023

"Amazing experience "

I loved everything about the tour. Everything was planned skillfully, every detail considered. The horses were amazing. The food and accommodation good. I would go again.


from United States, June 2023

"Best vacation I’ve ever had"

Scenery was beautiful. Horses were tremendous trail horses. Riding was fun albeit challenging at times. Company was incredible. Met some nice friends.

Meghan Barrett

from United States, September 2022

"Like visiting a Fairy Tale!"

We went on the Castle Tour which included 4 days of riding (3 half days, 1 full day). The guest house is incredible- a historical stone farm house complete with a beautiful tower! I loved spending free time in the two reading rooms, one was a sun room and the other a cozy study with a fireplace that was often lit. There are a few easy walking trails behind the house that were fun to explore on foot. The horses were bomb proof and very fun to ride. Beautiful breeds that I had never ridden before- Irish Cobs and Connemara ponies. We rode all around the countryside surrounding the farm and had lots of opportunities to trot and canter. Our guides were great and very accommodating. I brought my own seat saver for the saddle and was happy to have it by the third day of riding. We were served 3 delicious gourmet meals a day prepared by an in-house chef. It was all wonderful and I felt well cared for. After each morning ride we went on a tour of a nearby historical site. I learned a lot about Irish history and the history of the local area as well. I hope to come back again someday for the Atlantic Ride!

Birgit Halter

from United States, September 2022

"The perfect holiday!!!"

This trip truly exceeded all expectations:)

I will recommend An Sibin and their programs to everyone! Everything was simply perfect: the hosts, the guides, the tour, the horses, the weather (!!) , the food, the accommodations…. I could not imagine a better way to truly experience the beauty of Ireland, surrounded by a great group of likeminded international fellow riders :) LOVED IT!!!!!!

Hui Ying Koh

from Singapore, September 2022

"A wonderful way to experience Irish countryside "

I had a wonderful time at An Sibin on the Clare Burren Galway tour. We rode through a variety of different irish landscapes and the horses are well trained. The guides are good and professional. Nicola is very warm and friendly as well!

Anna-karina Hermkens

from Denmark, July 2022

"Wonderful horse riding escape "

Wonderful accommodation in gorgeous historic cottage. The horses are all in very good shape, extremely friendly and really loved and cared for. The owners and guides go out of their way to ensure you have a fabulous experience.

Eveline Dohmann

from Germany, July 2022

"Boring Riding trip"

I like the house and the animals. The dogs are so cute, the horses are nice.

Lindsay Brenko

from Canada, August 2021

"Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! "

I absolutely loved every minute at my time at An Sibin. The food was always delicious and fresh. The riding instructors were all very kind and helpful. I did the half day riding trip. I loved that we were able to ride 2-3 hours a day. In the afternoons I walked and relaxed in the beautiful atmosphere at An Sibin, taking photos of the gardens and animals, reading and going for long walks. I learned so much about riding during my stay here. The hosts were very gracious and accommodating. I would consider returning for another riding trip here.

Molly Moynihan

from Ireland, July 2020

"An Sibín is nothing short of magical."

The accommodation was comfortable,cosy and clean my room looked out on to the chickens and the alpacas which was a lovely sight to see each morning.The centre is set in the most beautiful setting there are so many gorgeous walks you can go on in the afternoon.

The food was absolutely delicious I ate my own weight in their gorgeous homemade bread. Every working at an Sibín is so friendly and nice I couldn’t have felt more welcome. The horses were so sweet and good natured I felt so looked after all week by Tierney who’s an absolute darlin of a fella.


from Great Britain, August 2019

"Phenomenal "

Everything was fantastic, honestly no faults at all. Amazing people, amazing horses, amazing location. Honestly, brilliant.