Íslandshestar gives you the opportunity to experience the Icelandic horse on Icelandic terrain, a must do when visiting Iceland.

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4 Day Winter and Northern Lights Horse Riding Holiday in Selfoss

Oct | Nov | Feb | Mar | Oct | Nov | Dec, 2024–2025
    from US$ 1,345
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    7 Day Golden Circle Horse Riding Tour in Iceland

    August 24-30 | August 31-September 6, 2024
      from US$ 2,939
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      Hannes and family at Kálfhóll farm

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      Will Jenkins

      from Great Britain, March 2024

      "Magical and unforgettable."

      It's hard to know where to start!

      I booked this as a surprise holiday for my wife's birthday. She's an experienced rider but I am not horsey at all. The Icelandic horses are such calm, gentle and trustworthy animals that even someone with little experience can happily ride them (though I would definitely recommend some lessons beforehand if you are a total beginner; you want to be able to sit comfortably and understand basic horse control). I learned to rising trot in preparation but it just wasn't necessary. They are the perfect way to experience the country in my opinion!

      The hosts were wonderful. As well as being lovely and friendly they brought so many personal touches to the experience. Their passion for the horses came through in everything we did and they had so much knowledge, I could have talked with them for hours. And it would be hard to get a more authentic experience of Iceland than to stay on a farm, with a family, eating home-cooked meals.

      Organisation was seamless. Everything was taken care of. From pick-up at the start of the week to drop-off at the end we didn't have to think or worry about anything.

      If you're thinking of this kind of holiday make sure you plan for the weather. Our trip was at the end of March so ambient temperatures were around zero and with wind-chill it went down to minus 10. I ended up wearing six upper layers, three lower layers, and three pairs of gloves! Make sure you have warm and windproof gear.


      from Belgium, July 2023

      Great tour, great hosts (warm, welcoming and funny), would recommend to everyone. Once in a lifetime experience.


      from United States, July 2022

      "Life Changing Expirence in 5 days"

      Horses, horses, horses!. Some of the guides were very knowledgeable of their horses. The main guide was very committed for as to have a good time and work hard to match us with the right horses. The food was good most of the days but the last day was just incredible!. Beding and room very comfortable. The scenery was amazing. The guides where really nice and always checking on us to be sure we were having a good time.

      The rides where accelerating and never boring, I learned so much about ridding just from ridding so many different horses and so many hours per day.

      Anne-claire Girard

      from Great Britain, July 2019

      "Fantastic tour but to be improved..."

      The tour itself was amazing, that's definitely a great location with beautiful Icelandic sceneries. Northern Iceland appears like a no-man's land so if you want to be into the wild, that's a perfect destination.

      Icelandic horses are also fantastic, very robust and the Tolt is a fantastic gait, very comfy so you can ride long hours without suffering too much (unless you're not lucky like me and you have horses who trot or are totally imbalanced for 80 km... that was painful !).

      By the way, riding with a herd added great value to this experience.