Luomajärvi Hevoskievari Oy

Luomajärvi Hevoskievari Oy specializes in family vacations, horse riding holidays, cart rides, sports and activity, etc.

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Satu Haagmann

As a guide and an owner, Satu Haagmann knows the horses and forests like her own pockets. She will find you the perfect horse for the riding tours.

Nina Salovaara

The riding instructor, Nina Salovaara, has a good knowledge about horsemanship, she`s been working with the horses all of her life.

Mika Haagmann

A chef and an owner, Mika Haagmann, will take care, that your holiday will be also a culinary experience.

Testimonials 3

Sari Orkomies

Luomajärvi Hevoskievari Oy Facebook page

One of the most idyllic places I've ever stayed. With great heart and good taste.

Jouni Karnasaari

Luomajärvi Hevoskievari Oy Facebook page

A great place full of delicious small details, great milieu, top food with an excellent service, and of course safe horses and a very well-drawn riding trip. It is always great to get to a place where there is a special spirit, which is why this was a particularly nice target. It's a good mix of rustic and luxury, highly recommended!

Hanna-Mari Tani

Luomajärvi Hevoskievari Oy Facebook page

It's a lovely place for the hospitality service, the of food, lovely horses. I love it when there are still places like this where dogs are so welcome. We and our dogs enjoy it!! I'm sure we'll be back again.

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