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Top Affordable Horse Riding Holidays Located All Over the Globe

by Lystia Putranto

The go-to resource for planning your horse riding holidays. Find all you need to know about the top destinations and take your riding skills to new heights.
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While horse riding is often thought of as an activity that comes with a hefty price tag, this isn’t necessarily true. 

Horse riding can indeed be pricey but there are plenty of options available across the globe that enable you to have an unforgettable and high-quality horse riding excursion without breaking the bank.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself – check out our selection of great budget horse riding holidays in some of the world’s most stunning destinations. With a price tag of US$150/day or less including accommodation and meals, you’d better get ready to saddle up!

Note: BookHorseRidingHolidays offers a flexible cancellation policy. Should you not be able to travel as scheduled, we’d be happy to help you alter your booking with the same organizer or a different organizer.


8 Days Horse Riding Holiday in Andalusia

Andalusia horse riding holiday

If you’re a horse riding enthusiast, you probably already know that Andalusia is one of the world’s top horse riding destinations. And through this weeklong horse riding excursion in Spain, you will be able to explore the best of the region has to offer.

Join Wolfgang, the owner of Horse Riding Andalusia, and his team of experienced riders and tour guides for a horse riding that you won’t soon forget. Here, you’ll get the opportunity to ride and bond with different types of horse breeds including the Cartujano-mix, Appaloosa-mix and Arab horses. Rest assured that whichever horse you prefer, they are sure footed and well-trained.

Each day, you will be treated to at least 4 hours of riding – where you can gallop and canter along breathtaking trails in the nature reserve located just a stone throw away from the accommodation you will be staying at. During your ride, expect to encounter various local widlife including mountain goats, deers, eagles, and wild boars. It’s an excursion ideal for wildlife and natural enthusiasts. 

Soak in the Spanish sun and crisp fresh air and experience Andalusian village life where things are simple but always enchanting. This group and family friendly horse riding vacation also includes a guided tour of the city of Granada. It will surely leave you wanting more!

Price: Starts at US$555 per person (US$69/Day)

Availability: All year round (Currently available up to March 2020)

Skill level: All levels

6 Days Pearl of Essaouira Horse Riding in Diabat

Moroccan horse riding

Been dreaming of a Moroccan adventure? Why not make that dream a reality by going on a horse riding holiday in Morocco

Ranch de Diabat promises a holiday which allow you to discover the various landscape of Essaouira – From the vast sand dunes to the pristine and deserted beaches as well as the peaceful fishing villages, you will be able to experience it all!

On this excursion, expect to trot and canter along trails and across oueds (rivers) for a minimum of 5 hours a day. In the evenings, you will be served a traditional Moroccan meal at the bivouac as you bask in the warmth of the campfire before hitting the hay in a Berber tent. 

On the final day, you will be able to enjoy the coastline and the city of Souiri where you will have free time to shop or having an indulgent massage before ending the night with a lovely dinner and a relaxing night stay at a hotel in Essouira. 

Price: Starts at US$666 per person (US$111/Day)

Availability: All year round (Arrivals on Saturday & departures on Thursdays)

Skill level: Intermediate & advanced riders

4 Days Midweek Horse Riding Getaway in Queensland

Queensland horse riding holiday

Itching to go on a quick horse riding getaway during the middle of the week? No problem. If you currently in Australia, we’ve got the perfect excursion for you! 

Based in Lockyer Valley, Queensland, the friendly and experienced people at Fordsdale Horseback Adventures will welcome you with open arms as they treat you to a horse riding holiday like no other. 

Lucky for you, located just a short trip away from Brisbane, Queensland happens to be also be one of Australia’s top horse riding destinations which means that there are plenty of exciting trails for you to discover during your trip! 

There are two packages to choose from – The 1st is geared towards beginner riders which consists of riding lessons in the farm’s round yard in the morning and afternoons, followed by short trail rides. The other is ideal for intermediate and advanced riders where you can go on longer trail rides (without riding lessons).

Price: Starts at US$362 per person (US$91/Day)

Availability: All year round (Arrivals on Monday & departures on Thursday)

Skill level: All levels

2 Days Exmoor National Park Horse Riding Holiday

Exmoor horse riding holiday

Only got a couple of days to spend? Worry not – Though a longer duration is ideal for a horse riding holiday, this 2 day excurision in Exmoor, England packs in a whole lot of riding that you’ll feel as if it’s far longer than it actually is!

When it comes to horse riding, Exmoor not only is one of the top destinations in the UK, it offers some of the best horse riding excursions in the world! Don’t miss out on riding through the renowned Exmoor National Park as well as its beautiful villages, woodland, and moor land. 

Imagine going on a trail riding experience where you can canter across tracks of the moorland and the vast woodland, ideal for horse riding. If you’re looking for a getaway where you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life while you connect with horses and immerse yourself in picturesque nature, this holiday will certainly deliver.

Price: Starts at US$244 per person (US$122/Day)

Availability: All year round

Skill level: Intermediate & advanced riders

7 Days Unforgettable Horse Trekking in Mongolia

Mongolia horse trekking

If you’ve been on the hunt for a truly unique horse riding experience, this week long horse trekking in Arkhangai Province, Central Mongolia is your best bet! 

Join Danista Nomad Tours for their excursion for an unforgettable ride along the striking eight lakes and waterfall of Orkhon Valley. You have the option to stay with a nomad family or in a tent (provided) while in Ögii Lake, one of the biggest lakes in Mongolia. Whichever type of acommodation you opt for, this experience will give you a glimpse into the nomadic life the Mongolians along with insights to their history and rich culture. 

The riding itinerary includes adventures along trails found in the region’s vast pastures, steppe, and desert that guarantees a horse riding trip of a lifetime. As an added bonus, this getaway also includes an hour of camel riding in Hugnu Khan National Park as well as a sightseeing tour of Kharkorin City.

Price: Starts at US$1,050 per person (US$150/Day)

Availability: Oct – Nov 6 2019, Feb – April 2020

Skill level: All levels


8 Days Exciting Horse Riding Vacation in Tuscany

Horse riding Tuscany

Planning to visit Italy soon? If you are looking to spend sometime in Tuscany, you simply can’t pass up on this wonderful weeklong horse riding excursion!

Explore Maremma, Tuscany, a region famed for its local breeds – The Maremma horse and the Maremma cross horse. Throughout your vacation, you will be riding experienced and reliable horses that will be your ‘partner-in-crime’ as you discover the breathtaking Italian countryside.

Beginners need not to worry as all levels are welcomed and training will be provided prior to your first trail ride. Whether it is your first time on a horse or your millionth, you will be able to sharpen your horsemanship and (English) riding skills.

Each day, you will spend at least 2 hours off on a riding adventure across the stunning hills and valleys of Tuscany. You will also be treated to daily picnic lunches and exploration of visit worthy landmarks such as the Mines of Gerfalco and the Merse River. This will certainly be an Italian getaway that you won’t soon forget!

Price: Starts at US$629 per person (US$79/Day)

Availability: April – Early November 

Skill level: All levels

3 Days Horse Riding Holiday in Sao Paolo, Brazil

Costa Rica horse riding holiday

Start your Brazilian adventure at Itaimbezinho Canyon where you can explore the best of Brazil’s nature on horseback. Not only will you be able to discover the best views of the canyon, this excursion will take you to routes deep rooted in history!

Imagine yourself riding through old trails by tropeiros (troop and comissions drivers of horse) between Praia Grande and Cambará do Sul during colonial times as well as pass through some of the most beautiful properties dating back to the same period. 

On this easy going and relaxing excursion expertly put together by Cavalgada Turistica Vale dos Canyons, you will able to choose to ride and bond with a variety of breeds – the Criollo breed, the quarter horse, and the mangalarga, a breed native to Brazil.

Price: Starts at US$1,050 per person (US$150/Day)

Availability: October – December

Skill level: Beginners

3 Days Mountain & Beach Riding Holiday in Ulster, Ireland

Ireland horse riding

Fancy having a ride along the mountains *and* the beach? If so, this beginner friendly horse riding holiday in Ireland is made for you!

Each day, you will be able to enjoy an exhilirating ride at the beach as well as an exciting ride along the trails of Breezy Mountain. During this excursion, you will have plenty of opportunities to venture out to the magnificent countryside of Ireland as you cultivate your riding skills. 

At Donegal Equestrian Centre, you are in good hands as you will be spoiled with not only memorable rides with superb horses but also quality accommodation, delicious meals, and plenty of Irish charm. By the time your trip ends, you may not want to leave!

Price: Starts at US$267 per person (US$89/Day)

Availability: October – December 2, 2019, February – November 2020

Skill level: Beginners

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