Oosting-Horseriding is dedicated to creating a unique horse riding experience with reliable horses for you from their beautiful estate in the South of France.

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Jacqueline Oosting

Yank (Jan Henk) Oosting

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Al Busby

Oosting-Horseriding Facebook page

You know that line about Mos Eisley in Star Wars? Well the opposite is the case for Jacqueline and Yank’s Ranch at Oosting Horse Riding. I’ll write a ‘proper’ review on TA if people want to listen to my detailing, but here all I can say is as someone that has never ridden a horse before, the accelerated teaching I received on day one was sufficient, for my being able to demonstrate to Yank that I would be able to join the main group of seasoned riders for the rest of the week. The entire ethos of the place is simply stunning. Words, especially for the flighty Social Media brain, are not enough. Thank you Jacqueline, Yank, Talita and the other two couples that we met there - you all made our week truly magical. And of course, to Hustler - the best horse on the plains. Cheers!

Rosie Fox

Oosting-Horseriding Facebook page

Lovely place and staff, food was fanatic also the horses where great, defiantly would come again thank you

Michele Morrison

Oosting-Horseriding Facebook page

What a fantastic experience, such a variety of riding from trail rides, to cattle herding, mounted trec games, picnic ride to the lake and beautiful hacks in the National Park on well behaved but forward going horses. Fantastic food, owners and staff, what more can I say, everyone should try it