Quinta do Archino

Quinta do Archino is more than 300 years old equestrian estate offering horse riding holiday, where traditions meet the Portuguese hospitality and greet clients of all ages.

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D. Francisco de Bragança

Francisco began riding bareback on the family farm of Quinta do Archino at the age of five under the guidance of the man he calls his first master, his father, Don Carlos de Bragança. From 1974, he lived and worked with Master David Ribeiro Telles, whose famous family continue, to this day, to demonstrate classical riding principles in the bullring.

Testimonials 3

Sylvia Loch

Quinta do Archino website

As Guest Instructor at Quinta do Archino on many Courses over the past 3 years, I support D. Francisco Bragança and his wife at this family-run Centre, in all they are trying to achieve. The horses are all very fine and sensitive and I think D. Francisco has a very good eye for correcting the rider's seat, aids and particularly the fine use of the rein. He is a very good linguist and a very enthusiastic teacher for his students' progress. If every dressage rider went to Quinta do Archino, I believe we would see a great improvement in general understanding and sensitivity. This School is not only appropriate for students, but for teachers of riding too.

Sharon Switzerland

Quinta do Archino website

There is just one bad thing about Quinta do Archino, Francisco and his beautiful horses… And that’s the heavy heart you carry around with you for days, no weeks, once you’re back home and think about all that you have left behind.

Jacki, Christine, Emma, and Vicki

Quinta do Archino website

We would never experience the opportunity to ride such fantastically trained horses in the UK - just amazing.

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