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8 Days Adventurous Horse Riding Holiday in Luxor and Makadi Bay, Egypt

Ultimate Horse Riding Holiday Egypt

Are you looking for the ultimate history and culture holiday combined with some beach and relaxing while riding fabulous horses throughout? Then, this trip is a dream come true! You will start your holiday in historical Luxor which has often been called the world’s greatest Open-Air Museum as indeed, it is and much more. The number and preservation of the monuments in the Luxor area are unparalleled anywhere else in the world. You will also visit the site of ancient Thebes, the Pharaohs’ capital at the height of their power during the 16th to 11th centuries B.C.E. Today’s city surrounds two huge, surviving temples. The Royal Tombs of the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens are on the river’s west bank. Join Ride Egypt for the unforgettable ride experience!

Key information

  • Rider weight Limit: 90 kg
  • Tack type: Comfortable English leather GP and Western saddles.
  • Horse Breed: Arab and Arabian Cross
  • Horse height range: Approx 14-16 hands


  • Ride along the River Nile
  • Approximate daily riding time: 3 to 6 hours
  • Ultimate trail ride through the land of the Pharaohs, Luxor
  • Ride to Hurghada with a sunset ride and an introduction to Arabian desert
  • Morning canter along the Red sea and join the horses for a swim
  • Visits to several historic places and snorkeling day trip by boat
  • Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners
  • 7 nights' accommodation

Skill level

  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


7 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: Arabic, English
The maximum participants in the group is 10
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Check-in Time:
Check-out Time:

You will spend four nights at the gorgeous Bedouin guest accommodation, the Villa Nile House, in Luxor before heading to the Red Sea and stay in comfort at the Harmony Makadi Bay Hotel. There’s an optional upgrade available to the five-star luxury Sunrise Holidays Resort.

Villa Nile House

Villa Nile House is a quirky charming guest house with an outstanding service. The place is built in an oriental style with traditional materials like wood and cob and comfortably decorated.

Harmony Makadi Bay Hotel

Situated on the southern crest of Makadi Bay and facing the Red Sea, this hotel and resort complex has over 800 m of beautiful private beach. The hotel has 4 swimming pools, including 3 pools, 1 of which is heated in winter, 1 saltwater pool and an open air jacuzzi, sun beds and beach towels are also available. With 2 bars and 5 restaurants, the Harmony Makadi Bay hotel is sure to offer dining arrangements to please even the most discerning of guests. Spa treatments such as massage can be booked at the onsite spa and wellness centre.

Sunrise Holidays Resort (Adults Only)

The five-star Sunrise Holidays Resort was the first adults-only resort in Egypt and is situated on a private beach lagoon that enriches the rejuvenating holiday vacation with its idyllic sea views.


The adventure will take a trip through Gezira vVllage to the Nile shore. Pleasure in Luxor comes not only from riding beautiful horses but also through the opportunity to see true Arabian village life and splendid nature. There is a wealth of riding options from cantering along the Nile watching buffalo graze along its lush green banks, traveling through the villages on horseback, galloping along the banana and sugar cane fields or visiting the Temples on horseback.

The facilities are located on the West Bank. It’s quirky and it’s real Egypt. The horses have a fabulous life. There are several well-maintained boxes although most live out in huge, lush, green paddocks with mountain views (and who can blame them). You will meet some of the proud and gracious stallions in the stables whose skin is shot with copper or steel glitter in the sun. You cannot help but smile while watching funny, cute donkeys which even follow you checking your pockets in case you have carrots.

After three fabulous days in Luxor, you will head to Fort Arabesque Makadi Bay in Hurghada located on the Red Sea Riviera and nestled between a desert and a mountain range, Makadi Bay has beautiful, white sand beaches and crystal blue water. Each day will be unique and includes steady canters along sandy deserts as well as faster stretches along the shoreline and exploring the sand dunes, mountains, and neighboring Bedouin villages set high in the wilderness. The bay’s crystal blue waters and golden sand make it one of the most picturesque places in the Red Sea.

On horseback

You will ride through traditional Bedouin villages, sugar cane fields, and plantations. Also, you will gallop across the sand dunes like Laurence of Arabi, swim in the Red Sea on horseback, and enjoy the panoramic views of Valley of the Kings from Mount Thebes.

History and culture

You will explore the Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, Medina Habu Temple, and other ancient temples and tombs. You will also visit souk markets and sail the Nile.

Real Egypt

You will see the local farmlands and water buffalo grazing, sugar cane fields, and banana plantations. You may also try traditional Egyptian cuisine, watch a belly dancing show, and go on a camel safari.


You will swim in the Red Sea with your horse. You may also swim with wild dolphins and try a snorkeling day trip by boat.

Practical information

  • Riding level: The holiday is designed for ‘riders’, especially set travel holidays that see many solo travelers coming together from around the world riding together. You should be confident on a horse at all paces as a minimum up to a canter.
  • Group size: The groups comprise a minimum of two riders and maximum of ten riders.
  • Horses: Arab and Arabian cross
  • Saddles: Comfortable English leather GP, Endurance, Treeless, and Western are available.
  • Guides: Professional and multilingual guides, hosts, and drivers


Day 1: A travel day

Today will be a travel day.

Day 2

After breakfast, you will travel by tuk-tuk to the stables on the West Bank. Your first day will be a fabulous introduction to Bedouin life. Then, you will ride through the villages on horseback under the palm trees along the River Nile. The Nile is incredibly peaceful and you can see the buffalo grazing along the banks. Lunch will be provided at the guest house. No trip to Egypt would be complete without a camel safari.

This will be an amazing way to travel through the villages and along the Nile with super high views. Dinner will be at around 20:00 at a local Egyptian feast and party at the guesthouse. Eating with your hands while sitting on the floor on plush cushions is a must when in Luxor. The first day will be a true impression of the “Egyptian way of life”. There will be approximately five hours in the saddle

Day 3: Non-riding day

After an early breakfast at around 07:00, you will start with a half-day tour of the Valley of the Kings, the last resting-place of the ancient Pharaohs. The Valley of the Kings Tutankhamen; Ramesses I; Tuthmosis III; Tawsert / Sethnakt; Siptah; Ramesses III; Ramesses VI, IX, and IV - usually at least eight tombs are open. Your West Bank tour will continue to Hatshepsut, the most famous female in Egyptian history. Hatshepsut was a pharaoh of Egypt from roughly 1479 to 1458 B.C.E. She not only had the longest reign of any Egyptian female but is also regarded as one of the most successful rulers in Egyptian history.

Under Hatshepsut, Egypt explored, built, and grew. The trip also will take you to Carters House and The Valley of the Queens (Arabic: وادي الملكات‎ Wādī al Malekāt) which is a place in Egypt where wives of Pharaohs were buried in ancient times. In ancient times, it was known as Ta-Set-Neferu, meaning “the place of beauty”. After lunch, you will cross to the East Bank and do a tour of Karnak Temple. You will start your day by catching a ride on hantours (traditional horse-drawn buggies) and set out up the Corniche a kilometer or two to Karnak. Karnak is the largest religious complex on the planet.

Please forget all you have come to expect in regard to scale and space and be astonished by the Temples of Amun-Ra and his divine wife, Mut and their son, Khonsu. You will be on hand to show you through the labyrinth and explain the purpose, meaning, and history of the amazing ruins of Karnak. Many visitors walk right past one of the treasures of Karnak - its Open Air Museum. Ride Egypt will introduce you to some of the architectural wonders which were re-used as fill by later generations of Egyptian architects but which have been re-erected in all their glory in this museum.

You will enter the Great Hypostyle Hall built by Seti I, father of Ramesses the Great over 6000 square meters, 134 columns - the 12 which flank the processional way are 23-meter tall - words, facts and figures can never do justice to the experience that is Karnak. After Karnak, you will visit Luxor Temple and Luxor Museum before finishing at the Mummification Museum.

Day 4: The ultimate trail ride through the land of the Pharaohs

Your morning will take you into the countryside of Luxor. The lush green sugar cane fields are perfect for a good canter and the scenery is spectacular. You can watch the farmers working in their fields just as their ancestors did use old traditions. In the mid-morning, you can prepare to be amazed as your sure-footed horses will take you behind the Valley of the Kings and to the top of Mount Thebes so you can see panoramic views of Luxor. Lunch will be served in a local village before completing your trial dashing through the sugar cane fields and banana plantations. This is approximately six hours end to end. In the evening, you will have dinner on a sailing boat, the perfect way to relax after a long ride.

Day 5: A travel day to Hurghada

You will have a morning departure arriving at the Red Sea for lunchtime. After lunch on the beach and a soak in the pool, you will introduce you to your “desert Arabians”. The horses in hurghaga are chosen for their forward going nature and their ability to gallop endlessly in the deserts. You will enjoy a sunset ride before retiring for dinner by the sea. The riding time will be three hours.

Day 6

Today’s riding will be split into two halves. The morning trip will see you fly in the desert with the horses and after a lunch break, you will visit the stunning Red Sea. Dinner will be at the hotel. Riding time will be six hours.

Day 7: Non-riding

Today will take you away from the land and into the crystal blue waters of the Red Sea where you will spend the day lapping up the sunshine and relaxing. However, this isn’t any old boat trip. Today, you will have the opportunity to meet the underwater friends at Dolphin House where you will have the chance to swim with wild dolphins and stop off at two stunning snorkeling spots to see an array of underwater beauty around the reefs of Hurghada - a truly once in a lifetime experience. Not only that, you will also be treated to an exquisite seafood lunch by the wonderful crew on board.

Day 8

No trip would be complete without swimming with horses in the Red Sea. After breakfast, you will be picked up from your hotel and bring you to the facilities. You will enjoy a morning canter along the sea before stripping the horses of their saddles and joining them for a swim. Then, you will enjoy a relaxed lunch on the beach and some downtime before heading back to the hotel to prepare for your return flight in the evening. The riding time will be three hours.

Note: Horses and tack including saddle bags and water are provided for each ride.

Arabian horses and Bedouin history

Arabian horses are famed for their beauty and endurance. Developed in a desert climate and prized by the nomadic Bedouin people, they were often being brought inside the family tent for shelter and protection from theft. Selective breeding for traits including an ability to form a cooperative relationship with humans created a horse breed that is good-natured, quick to learn, and willing to please. The Arabian also developed the high spirit and alertness needed in a horse used for raiding and war. This combination of willingness and sensitivity requires modern Arabian horse owners to handle their horses with competence and respect.

Arabian horses are the topic of many myths and legends. One origin story tells how Muhammad chose his foundation mares by a test of their courage and loyalty. While there are several variants on the tale, a common version states that after a long journey through the desert, Muhammad turned his herd of horses loose to race to an oasis for a desperately needed drink of water. Before the herd reached the water, Muhammad called for the horses to return to him. Only five mares responded. Because they faithfully returned to their master though desperate with thirst, these mares became his favorites and were called Al Khamsa, meaning, the five.

These mares became the legendary founders of the five “strains” of the Arabian horse. Although the Al Khamsa is generally considered fictional horses of legend some breeders today claim the modern Bedouin Arabian actually descended from these mares. A Bedouin story states that Allah created the Arabian horse from the south wind and exclaimed, “I create thee, Oh Arabian. To thy forelock, I bind Victory in battle. On thy back, I set a rich spoil and a Treasure in thy loins. I establish thee as one of the Glories of the Earth… I give thee flight without wings”.

Other versions of the story claim Allah said to the South Wind: “I want to make a creature out of you. Condense.” Then from the material condensed from the wind, he made a kamayt-colored animal (a bay or burnt chestnut) and said: “I call you Horse; I make you Arabian and I give you the chestnut colour of the ant; I have hung happiness from the forelock which hangs between your eyes; you shall be the Lord of the other animals. Men shall follow you wherever you go; you shall be as good for flight as for pursuit; you shall fly without wings; riches shall be on your back and fortune shall come through your meditation”.

Included excursions

  • Carters House and The Valley of the Queens trips
  • Half-day tour of the Valley of the Kings
  • Hatshepsut tour
  • Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Luxor Museum, and Mummification Museum visits
  • Snorkeling day trip by boat with a chance to swim with wild dolphins
  • Stunning Red Sea visit


This horse riding holiday will take place in Luxor and Hurghada Red Sea in Egypt.


Luxor offers numerous riding opportunities and cultural trips on horseback from galloping through the desert at dusk to splashing through the shallows of the River Nile. Days can be spent riding through traditional villages and under the shade of palm trees. You are almost certain to see water buffalo wallowing in the River Nile and you will marvel at Royal Ibis fearlessly dunking themselves in alongside.

Longer trails encourage you to experience country life and see farmers working their fields just as their ancestors did before continuing into the desert to experience the mystic and ancient atmosphere at the Temple of Rameses III at Medinet Habu under the shadows of the Mountains of Thebes. Here, you can watch sensational sunsets from the top of a sand dune before riding back past the ancient temples of the West Bank. There are no words to truly describe how beautiful Luxor is. It’s something that has to be experienced personally and what better way to do it than on horseback.

Makadi Bay - Hurghada

Makadi Bay has a laid back feel to it, having once been a quiet fishing village and the views are quite astounding. On the western coast of the Red Sea nestled gently between serene desert sand dunes, it also boasts long stunning stretches of gently sloping white sand, translucent waters, and inshore reefs that are home to exquisite marine life. This tranquil destination is ideal for lovers of snorkeling, divers, and horse riders alike and is ideal for one of our most popular excursions, swimming with horses.


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided on riding holidays. Soft drinks and alcohol are payable locally. There will also be complimentary water bottles on riding trips.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Drinks

The following drinks are included:

  • Water

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Regular (typically includes meat and fish)
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

Things to do (optional)

  • Avenue of Sphinxes trip
  • Camel safari
  • Colossi of Memnon visit
  • Habu Temple (60 LE)
  • Nobles Tombs tour (80 LE)
  • Seti I Tomb visit (1,000 LE)
  • Spa treatments
  • Stone Factory tour
  • Tomb of Queen Nefertari trip (1,000 LE)
  • Workers Tombs tour (80 LE)

What's included

  • 5-day horse riding sessions
  • Half-day tour of the Valley of the Kings
  • Hatshepsut tour
  • Carters House and The Valley of the Queens trips
  • Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Luxor Museum, and Mummification Museum visits
  • Stunning Red Sea visit
  • Snorkeling day trip by boat with a chance to swim with wild dolphins
  • Use of horses and service of guides
  • Shared transfers
  • Airport transfers
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • 7 nights' accommodation

What's not included

  • International and local flights
  • Drinks - payable locally
  • Temple entries payable locally
  • Tips
  • Private rooms and transfers on request

How to get there

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Luxor International Airport (LXR).

Departure airport should be Hurgahga.

In cases of flights arriving into Luxor between 8am and 8pm transfers are free of charge.

Outside these hours there is a charge of £15 from Luxor airport to the hotel.

In the case of flight arriving into Hurghaga the transfer to Luxor by car takes 3.5 hours and is £50 per person.

This costs applies at every flight time. It’s a long transfer and an expensive one so Ride Egypt needs to charge now it.

For flights arriving between after 8pm and before 8am early morning - middle of the night arrivals, Ride Egypt will book the customers a hotel £45 plus a transfer from the airport £15.

You will be picked up the following morning after breakfast at 9.30. £50 fee. Usually Hurgahga transfers operate from 8am - 8pm.

Return flights from Hurgahga home are free inside the hours of 8am / 8pm.

Outside these hours the charge is £15.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 24.2% of the total price.
  • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 60 days before the arrival date.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 60 days before arrival.

Value for money
Accommodation & facilities
Quality of activity
Overall impression
8 days / 7 nights
from --
Pricing information
  • Single person supplement for the upgraded accommodation is available on request. Please send an inquiry for more information.
  • There is a surcharge for Christmas and New Year dates of 100 GBP per person.

Special offer

Ride Egypt offers 10% discount on all holidays booked with travel before 1st June 2019. 

Additional information

Once the holiday is paid 60 days before arrival, the amount is non refundable.

Ride Egypt takes a tip kitty on day one of the holiday of $100 per person. Egypt is a country that tips are a way of life. $100 covers hotels, porters, guides, horseman guides, grooms, drivers, camel guides and boat guides. 

Friday March 15, 2019
(8 days / 7 nights)

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