Located 15 kilometers from the resort of Bansko in the forests of the southern slope of Rila Mountain, Rusaliite offers horse rides and a family-run hotel.

Horse Riding Holidays (6)

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Nadia Popova

Philip Popov

Rosen Liubenov

Reviews (34)

Vladimir Zastenker

from Israel, July 2024

"beautiful adventure with beatiful horses"

Very nice and strong horses.

Beatiful tracks.

Flexible trips programs

convenient rooms

Annabel R

from Great Britain, May 2024

"Great experience"

I would highly recommend this trip. Nadia is a great host as she is very responsive, friendly and helpful. Jada was my lovely guide and she took me on some really fun and interesting routes. You can tell they really care for and love the horses. Thank you!

Sabina Di Lucia

from Great Britain, October 2023

"Best hosts, knowledgeable staff"

I couldn't recommend more this place and the horse hiking experience more

The hosts are very caring and attentive,the staff very knowledgeable.Everyone made sure that I made the most out of my staying at the ranch.It's one of those places where you have just arrived and you are planning your next visit already.It's a 10 out of 10 experience.

Peter Kitt

from Great Britain, October 2023

"Excellent horse riding in beautiful mountains"

I am 77years young and the level of assistance was fantastic. Made to measure horse riding for the elderly! What could be better!

Roland Lamidieu

from France, October 2023

"Amazing rides through the Rila Mountains"

The location of the hotel is great, the 2km (bumpy) drive from the closest city Razlog makes it a good remote place, very calm and directly located on good paths for the horses.

The hotel in itself is clean with a sunny terrasse, and big wooden tables outside in front. The food is simple but always tasty, with some amazing Bulgarian specialities.

In terms of horse riding, there are all kinds of paths : some climb a lot, some are flatter and good for galoping. Most of the time, the paths go through the forest and sometimes meadows allow for incredible views of the Pirin mountains on the other side of the valley. The whole area is easily big enough for a full day of riding (or more), but the shorter tours are good too.

The horses are in very good shape : they are well kept and they regularly set free in the mountains for the day. They are mostly "outside" horses, which won't get scared of cars or noise or whatever. They are gentle and listen well, so it's perfect for beginners and some are better for more experienced riders.

Our instructor Oussama has been an amazing part of our stay here. Aside from being a really nice and easy to talk to person, he really contributed to make this experience both instructive and fun.

Finally, Nadia has been very helpful and responsive, always finding ways to accommodate us. Thanks a lot !

Erin Mccauley

from Great Britain, September 2023

"Horse holiday "

Our week at Rusaliite was incredible! We felt like we were in horsegirl heaven- so many cute animals to play with and incredible daily rides to different locations. Everyone was so nice and the food was delicious! Thanks for an amazing experience!!

Charlotte Jurlander

from Denmark, July 2023

"Very good experience"

We (mother and two grown up daughters) had a wunderful holiday at Rusaliite. Great trips on horseback in an amazing nature with experienced guides (thanks to Joey and Marie). Baba cooked wunderful meals for us all week and we felt lucky to have chosen to spend our holiday at Rusaliite. Thanks for a great stay.

Donald Angus

from Great Britain, June 2023

"Beautiful location and fun riding"

The whole team were extremely welcoming and made us feel at home. The food was tasty, nutritious and plentiful and the rooms were clean with comfortable beds.

The riding was in beautiful forests and open clearings with fabulous views on fit, keen horses with canters and gallops galore. I learned so much and had a great time.

Laura Lilley

from Great Britain, June 2023

"Wonderful people, great food and free range horses"

The riding was fantastic! The horses were wonderful! Firstly they are clearly very happy and well cared for horses but they are also brilliant at their job. They were sure footed and nimble on all the different terrains we crossed and had a wonderful sense of fun on some of the faster parts of the ride. The location is magical, who wouldn't want to wake up to the sound of the river, views across mountains and free range horses on the lawn!!

The food was absolutely delicious and we were never in danger of going hungry. Everyone at Rusaliite was so kind, helpful and caring it made for a really wonderful holiday.

We both came home content, exhilarated and tired as better riders with more skill and confidence than we arrived. Can't wait to go back!


from United States, December 2022

"5 day Beginner Horse Riding "

This experience was amazing. I mainly had Rosen as my instructor and we did a few treks in the forest together. I arrived as a total beginner and now feel confident in trot and canter, which I was able to do in the forest during the day treks. Rosen also talked to me about the local culture and taught me some Bulgarian words. Nadia was lovely to talk to and made sure everything was well organised and hastle free throughout the stay. Such a welcoming place and fantastic instructors. I will definitely be returning.

Ann Schluter

from Australia, November 2022

"A memorable experience."

Riding through the forest was absolutely amazing. My guide was very good. He enjoyed talking about the history of Bulgaria. I enjoyed the quiet moments too listening to the forest. The two horses I rode were very well trained and it was the most fun riding I’ve had in a long time. The hospitality was above expectations.

Fleur Bechet

from Italy, October 2022

"Beautiful autumn rides 🍁✨🍂"

I had 2 days of beautiful autumn rides, the weather was perfect, horses are great and well schooled, and Baba catered for my vegetarian diet 🥰

A very good experience overall and I hope to go back soon !


from Israel, July 2022

"Amazing experience! "

The horses and the scenery was absolutely stunning. Would 100% recommend.

Belinda Gurung

from Great Britain, April 2022

"Didn’t want to leave- will definitely go back!"

I had the most incredible stay at Rusaliite. I was treated with so much care and attention by Philip- every part of my trip was tailored to my enjoyment and this family made me feel so at home. The trails are beautiful- I got to see it in the snow, rain and sun and they were breathtaking in all of them. I wish i had had more time to ride but that was more as I felt unwell after a fall- every time I asked to ride though, they were more than willing and pushed me at the pace I wanted to be pushed at to improve. Rosin was a great instructor! The food was amazing- Baba makes you feel like you’re part of her Bulgarian family and every meal she made felt so authentic, extremely filling and tasty! The grounds are stunning too- I was on my own and spent a lot of my down time reading and I couldn’t have done that with more beautiful views. Thank you so much to everyone- I really hope I do get to go back very soon!

Angharad Monk

from Great Britain, April 2022

"Heaven on earth"

Rusaliite is a beautiful, peaceful place and I hope to come again. I came alone as I could only take a week off at this time and the trip was just what I needed. I had a lovely, well behaved horse and was taken out to ride for as long as I liked each day in the mountains. The scenery will take your breath away. The food is home cooked and delicious. Everyone is so friendly and kind.

Carmen Macsiniuc

from Romania, July 2021

"One of the best experiences !! "

Hospitality and kindness of the owners, the delicious food made by baba Dimka ,although there was too many food on the plate constantly 😀Amazing location with so many activities to do or just relax the mind and soul. Beautiful and very good raised horses and a wonderful instructor ,Rosen that commited his time and passion in learning others to ride the horses. Miss Moonlight i hope to see her again this year !

Jackie Harman

from Great Britain, October 2020

"Very good holiday!"

The people were so lovely and welcoming and the riding was fantastic, some amazing horses and incredible scenery. It was brilliant.

Anders Flanagan

from Sweden, November 2019

We are a couple in our late twenties from Sweden who stayed at Rusaliite in october this year for five days. We had an amazing time to say the least!

Philip, the owner, was very accommodating and helpful and made our stay more enjoyable than we could have imagined. His mother, who cooked and fixed all our super tasty meals, was an amazing chef and even though my girlfriend is vegetarian they were very flexible and could provide us with really great food! The atmosphere blends peacefulness and adventure to cater to anyone who wishes to have an amazing experience in a beautifully scenic landscape around horses.

The horses are extremely well trained, well looked after and often very forgiving (we noticed as I am not the most seasoned rider) Philip was a great teacher and I was able to ride and gallop with confidence on our last day! It is obvious that Philip and his mother are passionate about their horses as well as providing a once in a lifetime experience to those who wish to get away from the city and have a wonderful experience with and around horses. We only have good things to say and we will definitely be visiting them again!

Amba Gayfer

from Great Britain, November 2019

"Thank you for the best birthday ever!"

Such a cute ranch tucked away in the stunning location in the mountain of Rila, razlog.

The staff and instructors were so friendly and welcoming. The food was absolutely delicious! I had the best weekend break for my birthday and we rode (just me and my instructor Lubo) for as long as possible on my actual bday the whole day - galloping in forest, fields and water! So much fun! I loved all the other animals at the ranch as well, and the horse I rode (Terminator) was such a good boy, sure footed and sweet natured. I would definitely recommend this place to others, there is something for everyone! Even though I had a solo trip, there were other families staying at the ranch and we all socialised together at meal times which was great! Got to meet some really lovely people! Families that had never ridden before had an amazing experience too, for more experienced riders like myself, there are good paths available for galloping and canter too, so don’t worry it’s not walking and trotting all the time! I would bring clear sunglasses to avoid dirt and stones getting kicked up into your face from the horses hooves in front. I was smiling throughout so always had a mouthful of dirt after a long canter!

Aisling Fenton

from Ireland, October 2019

"The best horse riding holiday I could have ever asked for "

Everything exceeds expectations from start to finish, the horses and scenery are amazing which should be enough alone but the whole atmosphere of the place and how kind and welcoming and homely it is goes above and beyond, honestly could not recommend this holiday highly enough, I arrived home tonight and am already planning my trip back, truly exceptional.

Frank Horst

from Germany, September 2019

"Fabulous riding vacation in magic mountains and forests "

Rusaliite farm is one of those places: once you found it, you don‘t want to leave. Sitting at the lower slopes of the Rila Mountains the Farm is surrounded by pine forests, meadow plains and mountain streams. Every morning you wake up eager to explore the next magic trail and every evening you fall asleep happy and exhausted from a day of adventure on horseback. - I learned a about riding (I think) but it never felt like school. It‘s more like going riding with friends (that can ride a lot better than you) and are happy to share what they know to help you enjoy riding even more. - The horses are allowed to run free most of the day and all seem very pleased with that. I rode on different horses: Samara is quiet and gentle and ideal for beginners. Salvadore is a jumping champion. Galloping with him feels rather like flying. Troja seems to never get tired. Only one click of the tongue and she‘ll rollercoaster with you up and down the mountain. - The instructors seem to know every corner of the region, showing you communal cabins in the forest, hidden chapels on mountain tops with breathtaking views and cold ponds in the wild you can jump into on hot summer days. - Every ride back I grabbed some of the blackberries and plums that grow around the farm. - You‘ll find the nature also on your breakfast and dinner plates: The eggs are mostly from their own chicken, sometimes you get mushrooms from the forest and the fresh herbal tea is probably the best I ever had. - I‘ll be back.

Anna Jarashneli

from Israel, September 2019

"paradise for horses and people"

The first one to welcome us was Philip, the owner. He is nice and helpful, and makes you feel at home, as does the stuff- a few more people who are very kind.

THE ATMOSPHERE and the whole concept is a unique combination, in the sense that you feel like you are at home- but with an hotel service.

THE FOOD is perfect, as it is both local and not too strange for foreigners like me. It was also quite diverse and I found it to be absolutely delicious!

THE RIDING is flexible to suit your abilities and preferences, led by professional and helpful instructors with a vast knowledge in the field.

THIS PLACE is a paradise for a few reasons:

1- the nature is very beautiful and the location - a bit secluded (but not far from civilization :) allows it to stay more untouched then other places, like a fairytale forest.

2- NO MOSQUITOES!! I am absolutely serious, despite the horses and other animals, rivers and springs - I, or any other guest had no mosquito bites! (it is important for me especially since I always suffer from mosquitos)

3- the horses are free. I've been to some stables, riding schools and never have I seen horses being so free and having basically the forest around the place to themselves. It is extraordinary and I think having a happy and lively horse is what matters most for anyone who wants to experience horse riding in nature rather then in the restricting riding schools format.

So I definitely reccomend you to meet these warm people and wonderful horses!

Anna :)

Johnny Forsman

from Sweden, August 2019

"I enjoyed it very much. All of it."

I liked the enviroment. The beutiful and kind horses. The people. The service. The place.


from Great Britain, May 2019


Spent the most wonderful three days at Rusaliite. Everything was exceptional. The hospitality, team, remote location and of course the horses. Can't wait to go back. Thank you!

Annie C

from Taiwan, October 2018

"The best holiday ever! "

Everything! Thank you Philip and the fabulous lady for the 5 days reception! It really was the best holiday I’ve ever had so far! And thank Lumboc for always taking care of us when riding and also during the time in the farm!