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Studio MENG

Studio MENG - Taoist training and workshops on health, mindfulness and leadership.

Instructors 2

Judith Pijnenburg

Judith Pijnenburg has been with horses since she was 6 years old. She investigates their natural behaviour and how connecting with horses generates a mutual development. She increasingly integrates body awareness and self-realization into her work with horses. As a teacher she reveals the essence of horses for beginners and advanced students.

Mattijs van Katwijk

In 1998 Mattijs began his practice in the Universal Healing Tao with Inge Maassen and Reinoud Eleveld. He was certified as Chi Kung instructor with ‘Ren Mai’, Rotterdam in 2004. In 2005 he was certified instructor in the Universal Healing Tao by Master Mantak Chia. In China he studied with Young Master Xiao Yao and teacher Hu Xue Zhi. Mattijs studies with Juan Li (I Ching Dao) and Masahiro Ouchi (Tao Zen). He is also training with Lilian Kluivers (Do-In Academy) and Peter ‘The Dynamics of Standing Still’ den Dekker (Yi Chuan).

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