The Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies

The Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies is a non-profit society, 95 years young, who take people from all the world to enjoy horse riding in the backcountry of Canada’s majestic Canadian Rockies.

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If you are looking to spend a week in the great outdoor country of the Canadian Rockies and prefer a gentle, surefooted, well cared for horse to do the walking up and down the mountains, this is the vacation for you. We spent every day in the saddle except for the day we elected to take the boat trip on Waterton Lake to Glacier National Park (there was a riding option that day also). The boat trip was well worth the time, but the days riding were superb, even when it rained. Riders varied from novice to advanced, from mid-forties to mid-seventies. Because most of the trails are mountainous, this is mainly a walk only ride for the safety of all involved. But it was not always "nose to tail" as sometimes you could spread out and people often changed position in line when it was safe. I even got to lead once. Camping is primitive (outhouses, enclosed outdoor shower), but the cots are comfortable and the tepees/tents waterproof and wind resistant, and hot water is available every day. The food was very good and abundant. If you are looking for a riding experience in the mountains and are willing to be a camper, this is a great choice.

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This was my third year with the Trail Riders and each ride has its highlights in terms of scenery,challenge and outdoor camping complete with tents or teepees. Consistently, the food is great, company is congenial, and the outfitter, guides and volunteers are very caring persons who do their best to ensure a positive riding experience for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, your time with the Trail Riders will be special and memorable.

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