Vermes Balázs

Vermes Balázs provides horse riding holiday and archery camp in Slovakia.

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Balázs Vermes

Balázs started to ride horses and shoot with the bow when he was seven. His family owns seven horses and one pony. He works with horses for 21 years. During that time, he had mainly worked with fools and problematic horses or started young horses. He used mainly natural horseman methods. For a shorter period, he was the personal assistant of Monty Roberts. He worked in farms and barns where he trained horses and people also. Since 2007, he leads a horse riding and archery summer camp for kids whit big popularity. He and his father are one of the best horseback archers in the world. Balázs was part of the five top horseback-archers in the world. Also, he reached the third place on nomad world games and last year he won the championship in Kazakstan. In everyday life, he works as a horse trimmer, horse trainer, and leather craft man.

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