Vista Verde

Vista Verde offers a traditional summer family dude ranch vacations as well as a Colorado winter resort experience.

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Trish Ura Edina United States

Vista Verde website

My trip to Vista Verde had been planned 18 months in advance and it must have seemed longer to my friends and relatives who were reminded of it weekly. I was concerned that I would be let down by something that I dreamed of almost daily. But it was beyond my expectations in so many ways. Most notably, it was the people. I had not expected to be treated as a welcome friend. You make a lot of people happy and that is a wonderful thing. I’ll be back for the spring as soon as I can get my husband used to the idea.

Bobbie Sprader United States

Vista Verde website

I want to compliment management for doing such a great job selecting and training the staff. Without exception, everyone made us feel like we were their very favorite guests ever and that nothing could make them happier than to dote on us and satisfy our every need. When we left, we felt like we were leaving behind 50 of our closest childhood friends and that is hard to achieve in less than a week. You folks have a great thing going.

Rob Dretler United States

Vista Verde website

Muffie and I needed a Thesaurus so that we could find more superlative words for this fabulous experience

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