Yellowstone Rough Riders provides wildlife tours with horseback rides, pack trips, and camping trips in Yellowstone National Park.

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Margaret Staples

Yellowstone Rough Riders' website

The best part of Yellowstone for me was with Yellowstone Rough Riders! Vicky's campfire cooking was excellent! The mountain views were breathtaking! The hiking and horseback riding through the backcountry was a great time! A great sense of family! Great people that I will not forget anytime soon! Thank you H.A., Vicky, and Nate!!

Sarah Lewis-Edwards

Yellowstone Rough Riders' website

What an amazing trip! Four days in remote Yellowstone with HA and Nate. It was the highlight of an already fabulous trip. It's hard to describe the experience in words. I will post some photos on your page as think they can say it better than I can! Thanks so much. We will be back, Ken Sarah Niamh and Finn!

Steve McQuide

Yellowstone Rough Riders' website

H.A. is the real deal, a true cowboy in the best sense of the word. He and Vicki (and Gary) worked hard to give us the best trip possible. Great horses, excellent gear, wonderful and abundant food. I wouldn't consider riding into Yellowstone with anyone else.