Ridingcolombia offers private tailor-made horseback riding tours designed for adult intermediate and advanced riders.

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3 Day Adventurous Private Horse Riding in Boyacá

Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec, 2024
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Elin Colas Des Francs Lindqvist

from Belgium, May 2024

"A taste of Colombia: hospitality, horses and healing"

Hernando is a very good horseman and host, attentionate and considerate, and he has put together a trip that makes you not only ride through beautiful landscapes and enjoy the company of energetic, enthusiastic and friendly horses, but also savour some of Colombia 's best food and discovering the surroundings of Villa de Leyva, which are well worth it. We stayed at a hotel called San Nicolas and it was a gorgeous place, peaceful and personal, with a very caring and nice owner and staff. The room was spacious and comfortable and we had access to a large living room. They catered to my vegetarian diet and went out of their way to make sure we got to taste different foods. Since my wife is not a very experienced rider, it was perfect to ride around 4-4:30hrs a day and to have a day's break. Regarding the horseback riding, we both loved the horses we got and I had a particularly really good time with Mariposa, really connected with her and miss her already. The treks take you through very hilly terrain, narrow paths and a variety of landscapes, despite not being that far from the village of Ráquira and all its ceramics workshops, which also was interesting to visit. I loved bathing in two different waterfalls as well, and overall, all the short but regular gallops will stay in my heart!